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The Terrible Moon: Chapter Four

November 15, 2017


Now, let me explain the Knights of the Rectangular Table. It is a group of the highest ranking knights that protect the Kingdom of Ardia. The Knights are as follows:

Sir Winston Richard Wellington.
Weapon: Dual Longswords.
Joined: 1845. (Co-Founder.)
Role in the Table: Second In Command.

Sir Quincy Gates Barnes.
Weapon: Longbow.
Joined: 1845. (Orginal Recruit.) 
Role in the Table: Ranged Unit.

Sir Martin (No Middle Name.) Blake.
Weapon: Large knife.
Joined: 1845. (Original Recruit.) 
Role in the Table: Intelligence Gathering.

Sir Robin Elizabeth Andrews
Weapon: Spear.
Joined: 1845 (Orginal Recruit)
Role in the Table: Guarding. (People or Objects.) 

Sir Michelle Stephanie Welles.
Weapon: Javelin. 
Joined: 1846 
Role in the Table: Hunting Targets.

Sir Oswald Jacob Goldberg.
Weapon: Claymore.
Joined: 1847.
Role in the Table: Destroying Fortifications.

His Holiness Gunter Desmond. (Light Sage, in charge of Religous worship of Light God, Brighton.)
Weapon: Light Magic.
Joined: 1848
Role in the Table: Religous Advisor. 

His Majesty, King Nathaniel Grisham.
Weapons: Great Sword.
Joined: 1845. (Founder.)
Role in the Table: Commander of the Table.

Calvin was in the room with all these men (and two women), and he was understanbky nervous, especially since the king was there.

The knight who brought Calvin in there saluted, then left, leaving Calvin and the Knights alone.

"....Uh, am I in trouble...?" Calvin said, almost whispering.

"Certainly not," King Grisham said,"In fact, you are here for a job offer."

"Oh, well all my globes got ruined...so I need one," 

"How would you like to be a Knight of the Table?" 

Soon, I'm going to edit the other chapters of this series.


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  • Lee Fudge

    They are Knights on the Table, so they will play a role.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    Are the two women significant to the story?

    Also, great work!

    almost 2 years ago