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I may not be 13, but I may be more mature than one. Many books inspire me to write, so I do. I live in the United States. My family is middle class in finances, so Iḿ not spoiled or poor. I love to write and I love this website! I follow Jesus, support my president, even though I may not agree with him on everything, and I have a passion to make this world a better place. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Anger Brings Loss

November 14, 2017


¨Incoming Asteroids¨ roared my speakers. I started blasting the comets back into the galaxy. My points were going up! I was going to finally beat my arch-nemesis DestroyerOfWorlds! I shot at his spaceship, but he used a power up and destroyed mine. ¨Ugh!¨ I yelled in frustration. I kicked the speaker over. Sparks flew and I screamed. My father ran down, and when he saw the broken speaker that he gave me for Christmas, you could tell he was angry. 
       ¨Why are you up at 3 in the morning playing video games? And why did the speaker break?¨ he shot more questions than DestroyerOfWorlds did at my spaceship. I stammered answers slowly as I could. I could tell that he would smack me if I wasn´t his child. 
           ¨For your punishment, Iḿ taking your console away!¨ He grabbed my controller and shut off the console.
        That night, I laid awake wishing I had not become angry easily because then I would still have my console. I learned more things come when you are patient, that if I stayed patient with DestroyerOfWorlds, It would have been better.


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  • Glytch Montoya

    Yes, patience is a virtue, as the old proverb says.

    11 months ago