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Matthew Sullivan

United States

Great Play In The Super Bowl

November 14, 2017


           So it was the Super Bowl and we were during the Seahawks who were surprisingly a breakout playoff team and so that day when I woke up I felt amazing and was ready. So we were 2 minutes away from the game and I was having a great feeling about it. So the is about to start and then they announced our names and so right after they announced my name I heard a big loud cheer. So then after we get pumped and the comishener put the national anthem on I was just ready. So we got to be on defence first which was great. So I was a safety on the left side which was where all the action was. So we got the ball and we were at the 30-yard line. We scored on one play. So we were up 8-0. Skip ahead to the 4th quarter, it was 21-21 and it was tied so we needed to score. So it was 4th down and we had a play or me. I was a WR in this play. So he calls HIKE and I ran as fast as I could. I was wide open, he throws it and then oh a kid came in front of me and I could not see the ball but then I saw the tip on it and it was underthrown but I jumped up and over the kid and I caught it. But the best thing is that the kid did not pull my flag so I ran into the end zone. So we were winning 27-21 and it was their ball and they had 2 minutes left and you better think they had wished they had Aaron Rogers. So it was 4th down and their last chance. So they threw it up to a kid and me and my teammate Will went up for it and he got the interception. The whistles blew and we had won the Super Bowl.  


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