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My Name

By: AcetheticallyPleasing


They call me weird
They call me crazy
They call me lame
They call me dumb
But I've straight A's
And they've Starbucks
Say what they want
That's not my name

They call me annoying
But I'm just myself, not him and not her,
I'm not the same
That's who I am
I've learned that's fine
And you should, too
'Cause I won't change


^^To the tune of That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings
If you want to know my name, just call me Ace. It's close enough.

Message to Readers

I'm trying to write more positive stuff, which is growing somewhat less hard every time. Do you know this song? I learned it from Just Dance (the video game). Tell me how to improve, feedback and suggestions are always appreciated! <3

Peer Review

"thats who I am I've learned that's fine and you should too 'cause I won't change." I really like that because you shouldn't change just so you can fit in.

I'm left with feeling that I don't have to change just to fit in. I'm called crazy and weird and I have straight A's but I like who I am and I'm not changing.

is this what people actually call you? Do they actually say this bout you?

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