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Braving Life (Chapter Nine)

November 18, 2017


    I stared at him. The leader of the PACK was immensely intimidating. I did not back down, I did not cower. I was sick of trusting and obeying people. A few days had changed the entire way I looked at my future. My personality had changed in itself.
    "We'll need a suit for you," he said slowly. "Jeannie Star, my name is Raska. I hope that you will enjoy your lodgings here and find the food at least tolerable." Raska chuckled. "I understand that it is not the best that has ever been cooked but it is our best. Tell me a bit of yourself."
    "You're not going to talk about the war?" I stuttered. "I thought that the war was the most important thing going on right now."
    "To the Ruiners. To us, our people, our training, our survival means so much more than a fight."
    I gawked but quickly composed myself. "Very well. I will tell you of myself."
    "No, no, that will no longer be necessary." Raska held up some papers. "I have some very nice records on you, Ms. Star." He laughed softly to himself. "We need to get you a better name."
    "You're not changing my name," I spat.
    "No. Just altering it. Something much more powerful. You are planning on staying correct? I am sorry that your friend is dead due to my followers. He felt he had to. The Ruiners would not have treated her well. They used you, they would've used her the same way and to our disadvantage. I apologize. The Ruiners tend to do that."
    "Ruin lives. Ruin dreams. I suspect that's why they picked it. It's a formidable name and I'm sure it shocked you." Raska gently tilted his head.
    "Yes, it did surprise me. So about my name?"
    "Yes. Would Death Star work? It would be a bit more of a title than a name. Perhaps that wouldn't fit you. Glowing Star. No, that sounds like a little girl who loves sparkles. Crowning Star. No, that has no purpose as a name. We need something that fits you, yet something that makes people think twice - a name they will remember." Raska lifted his head slightly and a spark of realization flew through his eyes. "How about Death Star? After all, death brought you here. No one would understand it truly besides us but it will make them look twice at this girl. No one will know your real name, save us."
    "Jesse will," I scoffed.
    "I can fix that."
    "Lies can fix the world, Jeannie."
    "Perhaps you should call me Death Star also, Raska."
    "Maybe I should." Raska contemplated this. "Very well. Death Star."
    "Greetings, people of the PACK." Raska adjusted his suit. "This is our new member, Death Star. We have recently acquired her. She will not, however, be with you warriors, but she will work side by side with me."
    I lifted my chin. I was not wearing commonplace clothes but something entirely different. I wore knee high black boots. They were tight on my shin, almost fancy but they had heels that could knock somebody out. I wore black leather like leggings. Not only were they leggings, they were entirely attached to my shirt as a tight black suit. Right in the middle of my stomach, there was a star. It was silver and glittered.
    "You will respect her the way you respect me."
    "Why am I given such high ranking?" I wondered as I strode quickly, trying to keep up with Raska's long strides. "I mean really, do you hardly even know me?"
    Raska laughed. "Oh, Death Star. You have incredible potential. You are a good warrior with strong powers. The way you warded off Jesse's powers was phenomenal." He glanced sideways at me. "You know, I hate calling you that. Death Star."
    "It is a title, not a name, as you said. Call me what you wish, just not in company. After all, you are the leader."
    "Death Star, by putting you as second in command, if I die, you will become first in command. I consider you as much of a leader as I am. As much as I ever was."
    "How old are you?"
    "Much too old for you to fathom."
    "I am old in years, not in power."
    "Then how old are you in years?" I cleverly inquired.
    He laughed. "Seventy."
    "You look thirty. Why do you not let your age show upon your face?"
    "If I keep myself appearing physically 36 years of age, I will have the same physique as a 36 year old man."
    "Is that the height of a man's strength?"
    "Not necessarily but I do know one thing for sure." 
    "Which is?"
    "I must be strong but appear older. They will have more respect for a man who looks experienced than a twenty year old man. I would appear a teenager. That would not be healthy for the PACK."
    "What does it stand for? The PACK I mean?"
    Raska's eyes sadly reflected on that.
    "Perfectly Accurate Crazy Killers."


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  • Kaitlyn ❄

    Yeah, he's so cool, isn't he!

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    I am honestly loving Raska.

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    Great chapter. I can't wait for the next one!

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