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Count the Stars

By: Hanan Adi

PROMPT: Open Prompt

That coldest of nights when we lay out-of-door
You told me each star was the mark that a soul
Had lived out its lot and was with us no more.
I wept like the rain; you could not me console.

Yet ever outside did you lay us again
To mark all the marks of the Folk of Before;
I always ceased count at a dozen and ten
Though calmly as stone would you count hundred-score.

Thus do I wonder: you weep like the rain
To see the meek gleam of a single star more;
Like all you have seen do I glitter the same
So count me in too, then count on as before.

Message to Readers

All respectful comments are invited! If you think I need to be more specific, just let me know. Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed this, and come again, sometime.

Peer Review

I would say, "There is an awesome poem that's really powerful about the loss of people and loved ones. I know it sounds sad, but it's really a great little read. It's crazy how much emotion goes into 12 lines of prose. It's powerful."

The biggest strength is the unique perspective on stars.

Nothing was lacking! This is an incredible piece and I hope you continue to privilege the WTW community with your writing!

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