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The Terrible Moon: Chapter Two

November 13, 2017


With the Terrible Moon high in the sky, Calvin absolutely had to get to Pon-Pon Village. He had to get there so he could open up his new shop, with all the supplies in his wagon, which he had to pull himself. However, the Terribleness had already started. For one thing, the water in a nearby river had become red, which created odd fish like creatures. 

That wanted to kill something.

But that was nothing compared to was happening across the plains.

Four teenagers, all male, about nine years younger than Calvin, were gathered in a circle. Three of which were, in fact, bullying the fourth. 

After a a third insult, a voice said,"Now, what's got you so MEAN?" 

All of of them looked around, and saw a man walking up to them. He was wearing a suit, and had hair like it got attacked by three bickering barbers.

"Who knows what can kill you during a Terrible Moon?" The Man said.

One of the bullies, named Dylan, said,"You can't tell us what do to old man!"

"Oh?' The man with the suit said, with mock hurt (To be extra dramatic) ,"And why not?"

"Because you're our mom!" Another bully, named Scott said.

"Your adopted, you don't know your mom," The man with the suit said, with most pleasant of smilies," Is that why you're such a meanie?" 

"....Just who do you think you are?!" Scott said.

"Oh me?" The man with the suit said,"My name is Pyriam." 

"Wait," The person being bullied, named Malcom,"Pyriam? As in Demonicous De Inferum?"

"Yes, 'Demon From The Fire'," Pyriam said,"The Terrible Moon is but one of the things that brought me here."

"Oh?" The final bully, Joshua said smirking,"What brought you here then?"

"I came here to bring you to the Underland, obviously,"



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  • Lee Fudge

    It's based on that, but it has o ther effects as well.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    WELL! Well well welly well well! Well well well welly well well welly! You've been busy, huh? I've got some reading to catch up on!

    Great work, by the way. (The Terrible Moon really reminds me of the Blood Moon from Terraria).

    almost 2 years ago