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Hanging By A Thread

September 30, 2015

   Vogue magazines, style, sparkly dresses, and the latest trends. Upon hearing the word “fashion”, these are some images that come to mind. Clothes are and always will be a major part of peoples’ lives, and although our elders try to teach us that real beauty is from within, for a generation like ours, external beauty is not only an unachievable expectation of all teens around the globe, but also thought of as more important. As a result, our generation is always caught up in a net of twisted and tangled judgements; but fashion can also be positive. Fashion brings out and enhances peoples’ attractive features and even has the magic ability to grant people the confidence to strut down the catwalk with all they have. It is amazing what the right combination of clothes can do for someone, but clothes are not all there is to fashion. A commonly overlooked addition to it is jewelry, specifically earrings. Dating back to hundreds of years ago, earrings have been a part of human culture and are still a part of it today.
    Evidence of ear piercing dates back to about 3,3OO B.C. A man, known as the Iceman, with the approximate age of forty-five was discovered in the Alps with an ear piercing. He seemed to have originated from modern-day Italy or Austria (Peter Suchy Jewelers 1).  
    Again, ear piercings were a way to show status in the Roman Empire. Because the piercings would sometimes bother the average worker, the men did not pierce their ears, but their wives and other women did. Earrings they wore were usually made of gold or beads and carved into intricate figures such as grapes and vines. Another one of our ancestors who pierced their ears was the Mayans. They utilized wood, ivory, precious stones, and bone in their jewelry. Those who believed in supernatural abilities normally wore earrings because the material used for them were said to hold power. 
    Even now, in the twenty first century, a countless number of people pierce their ears for religion or for fashion. To many, an outfit is not complete without a set of earrings. Some can argue that necklaces can do the job, but part of what makes earrings so special is that not only are they fashionable, but they also draw the focus to the wearer’s face. This is important because fashion is not meant for people to hide behind, but rather to assist people express themselves.
    Earrings prove to be by far the most crucial piece of jewelry with a large historical background. A small change can mean an extensive advancement in the world of fashion. It can demonstrate the wearer’s personality in a way words could never express and simultaneously be religious. Earrings are a small part of early human practice that has managed to carry on into the modern age and enrich the culture of fashion to this day.

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1 Comment
  • Sarah Feng

    So beautiful. Earrings here are symbolic of culture's fluctuation over time and the movement of power from one dynasty to the next; I never thought of those tiny little studs pierced through a pair of earlobes to be so powerful. Thanks for sharing this piece with us.

    over 3 years ago