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An American's Guide to Being American

November 11, 2017


You many know me as Charles S. Fudge, multiverse writer for the Ohana Group, but my actual title is Charles S. Fudge, Americanologist (person that studies Americans). As a Communist American, and seeing as I live in a America, I am a professional AmericanologistTrust me, I have a degree in this.  But before we get into how to be an American, let me tell you about America.

America used to part of an area the British referred to as "Not Canada", in which British people left to avoid religous perescution, ultimately getting imperial oppression. Now the British took over about the entire world expect France at this point, and people really started to hate the British. 

People That Hated The British:

Some Africans
That One Welsh Guy
All Of Scotland 
And Girl Scouts 

Britian had got its feelings hurt by France, so they taxed America to get a dog or something, I don't know. So America sent Britian a very nicely worded letter, and they left Britian after a war that killed tens of thousands. Now America is responsible for the deaths of millions.


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  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Can you write about canadian stereotypes next. It'll be funny :)

    almost 2 years ago