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Forest of Peace

By: KitFisto898

The forest where I find comfort, where I find solace, where I find beauty and purity; whether it is real or imagined is of no matter. For in my mind or before my eyes are great, mighty trees, towering like spires into the golden sky. There are the mountains, mighty, astute elders of the earth. There are flowers of pink, of red, of yellow; there is a stream of silver water. There is a sun far away, but its light lays nearby. There are baths of clear, mountain air, and aromas of fresh, wild grass. There are deer that walk along the forest floor, on a blanket of pine needles and leaves. There are berry bushes, and mossy boulders, and lavender-colored clouds.
There is peace.

Message to Readers

Thank you for reading! I hope this prose poem gives you comfort, and I hope you have an excellent day.

Peer Review

'There are baths of clear, mountain air, and aromas of fresh, wild grass.' - The lovely descriptions! It's so easy to see, and smell, and I'd love to go to this place. :)

By saying that this forest brings you comfort. I can also see the peace of this place by the descriptions. Out in nature is definitely where I can find peace. :)

Reviewer Comments

You did a great job coming up with unique descriptions, and making me want to go there. ;) Really well done!
Keep writing!
God bless!