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I Find Peace

By: RedWriter

I find peace amidst the leaves
Fallen treasures surrounding me
The Autumn's own greaves
A piece of life now free

I find peace in the sunlit groves
Hedges upon hedges and thorns at the ready
The birds that soar above like doves
The vines that wind around the window's glass so steady.

I find peace in the rain-splattered panes
The thunder ever ominously sounding in the sky
Trees standing so tall you can see it from planes
A lightening bug who's light never seems to die.

I find peace in the snow gently falling
The rooster's sound-off to the unprepared ears
In the sand between the toes and fingers crawling
Into our shoes and socks and gears.

I find peace in this Earth created by God.
I find peace in the world's natural beauty.
I find peace even when in the snow we must plod
I find peace in the things that few see.

Hi. Listening to 21 Chump Street. (I don't own it).

Message to Readers

There are- consequences in life.

Peer Review

'I find peace in the rain-splattered panes' - I love it too. :) So it's easy to relate to. And it shows how much God is in control. (Of the weather). And everything else, really. He made the whole universe. ;)

By beginning each verse with 'I find peace'. It made me relax, and find peace in what you do. :)

Reviewer Comments

You did a great job with the rhymes! Thanks for sharing your peace with me!
Keep writing!
Have a great day!