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The Yellow Lamp

November 9, 2017

Light. I thought of it only as the physical brightness which is found everywhere on earth. When I thought of it, my mind would travel back to my first memory. 
   I tripped along next to my mom, who was in a rush to find someone. She'd told me so, and I kept quiet. My five-year-old self wanted to go to sleep, instead of running as fast as I could to get somewhere in the dark of night. We splashed through puddles, passed by homeless people; I waved to them. Some smiled and waved back, others ignored me. At every alley corner was a yellow lamp. 
   It was at one of these that we stopped. I, out of breath but glad to rest, my mom, anxiously searching the darkness for something. I didn't really care. What mattered is that I was with my mom. I tightened my hold on her hand. She looked down at me; I smiled. 
   "I love you, mommy." 
I saw a tear slip down her cheek. It splashed onto my face. "I love you too." 
   She knelt down and stroked my light brown curls, then kissed my forehead. "Don't ever forget that I love you." She spoke fiercely. 
   "Yes, mommy." My blue eyes connected with hers. I thought she was going to cry, but then a tall man came racing out of the shadows. 
"Val." He nodded. I could feel my mom stiffen beside me. 
   "You arranged it?" 
"Yes. Is this her?" The man knelt down and gazed into my eyes. I was afraid, but stared back. "What's your name?" 
   "Fawne." I whispered. 
"It's nice to meet you. I'm Will. You have very pretty eyes." He smiled. 
   "Thank you." I could feel my mom's comforting hand on my head. 
"Ready?" The man stood, addressing my mom. 
   She nodded tightly, then bent over and hugged me. "I love you, Fawne." 
"I love you too, mommy." 
   I thought it was strange when mom let go of my hand. But it was quickly engulfed by Will's big one. I pulled back, pleading my mom with my eyes. "What's happening, mommy?" 
   "I love you, Fawne." Tears glinted in her eyes with the light from the streetlamp. 
"C'mon, Fawne." Will gently tugged on my hand. 
   "Mommy!" I screamed. 
But she just stood there in the pool of light. I shrieked her name until we rounded a corner, then she disappeared from view. 
   I haven't seen her since. 
Please let me know what you think in the comments below! Hopefully my inspiration will keep going so that I can finish this quickly. :)
God bless!

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