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The Vote

November 13, 2017

Dannyboy stood up, “I vote against the plan.”
No surprise there, he had been fighting against it for its entire creation.
Bob-ze-Bob stood up and glanced at Mari, trying to decide if he should vote the same way she had. 
He took a deep breath and did, voting against the plan. 
I stood at the head of the table barely able to contain my fear. It was a tie, four on one side and four on the other and Velma, of all people, was to be the tie breaker. I had no idea how she would choose.
She stood up from her chair and smiled, reveling in this newfound power, “So it appears that I am the deciding vote.” she glanced around the room taking in the face of every occupant. “Now, you both made very convincing arguments-”
I stopped listening. Velma was enjoying herself at the expense of my son. Get on with it Velma! I wanted to shout, but I knew that I could not afford to provoke her, not when there was so much at stake.
“And I would like to know that my decision on this matter was not based on those who created it-” she glanced at Stevin with a distasteful face.
I wanted to strangle her.
“Or those who I am sure will disapprove of my action.” She looked around the room again, smiling softly.
“I disagree with this plan.”
I looked at Stevin, he looked shocked and he had a look in his eyes that showed he was holding back tears.
I looked back at Velma with an expression of utter hatred in my eyes.
“You see,” she began, “I am one of the members of this council that has the most to lose if my income gets taxed. I believe we have plenty of funds, and I do not wish for my money to be given for such… a waste. I am shocked, that those who also earn high amounts would stick to this plan.” she smiled, “but then I realize that some members of the council are not thinking purely with their minds and are allowing themselves to be... bought into this plan by the maker of it, rather than the plan itself.”
I was tempted to throw the table at her, but I knew that she would somehow be able to turn it to her advantage.
“Consider the meeting to be adjourned.” I was looking at Stevin, who I knew was about to cry, trying to hold back the tears until the council was gone.
Most of the council left muttering to themselves.
Except Velma. Did she not get the message? Did she not understand that I was in Vengeful Father mode?
“You understand why I did what I did?” she asked.
“Yes I did.” I spoke icily, drumming my fingers on the tabletop, “because you are a selfish heartless snake and I would like you to go now.”
Velma paused for a moment, “think about this rationally-”
I paused, “okay.” I flicked my wrist and flung her out the door with my powers. “Goodbye.” I grinned, knowing that would set her off, and closed the door.
I hurried over to Stevin who had given into the tears. I put an arm around his shoulders, knowing I would get shocked and wouldn’t be able to feel it for the rest of the night, but knowing he needed it.
He sobbed and I felt terrible.
“One more vote,” he whispered, “one more vote and it would have passed! It was a good plan wasn’t it?” he asked me, looking for confirmation.
“It was.” I replied, “It was a great idea, better than anything Velma could come up with, anyway.”
He looked at me earnestly then sobbed again, “two years of my life, down the drain because Kristian likes her money too much.”
He tried to bury his face in my chest, but as that would probably electrocute me, I moved away.
“I wish… I wish they could just understand that it’s in their best interest.”
I nodded, my mind working furiously. I was their bloody king, there must be something I could do to get this plan passed.
“Stevin,” I whispered, “I am going to get your plan through; I don’t care what it takes.”
He looked at me with an expression of fear and hope, “but they voted against it.” he reminded me.
“And I’m king.” I replied, “I brought them together, I can do as I please.”
Stevin looked at me with hope in his eyes, “you’d really do that for me?” he asked.
I patted him on the head, “I’d do anything for you.”
I strode purposely out of the council room and to my lair, where I grabbed the Conventional Charter and slammed it against my desk, making sure that I wasn’t breaking any one of these law-things we had set up.
None seemed to say that I could not override a council vote.
I waited for the next day to arrive.
This is an excerpt from The Convention of Villainous Enterprises, a story about a super-villain (Magnetic) leading a group of con artists, thieves, other super-villains, and murderers through the first five years of the Convention. 


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