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Hi there, I'm Ananya and I'm 13. I like to write (obviously). I also like to think I'm a funny person, but usually I'm the only one who knows I made a joke. I hope we become good friends:)

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Hooo boy. Writing a novel is seriously hard work. This is my first time every attempting so I'd appreciate any feedback:)

Ordinary Girl

November 8, 2017

If you saw her down the street, you would've thought she was a normal girl, or at least a human girl. 

Not very pretty, yet not ugly. Soft brown curls that cascaded down to her neck, dark brown eyes that were forever squinting, tan skin, and a curved nose; nothing out of the ordinary. She was an incredibly smart girl who's curiosity exceeded the population of her small and, apart from the few times she had strange impulses to do crazy things and cause havoc, completely boring town. Or so everyone thought.

People didn't really like talking to her, but she wasn't friendless. She was a perfectly normal, happy girl who fit in just fine. But if others in town found out they would cower in fear, or probably burn her at stake. But what Aithy Myer really was, was even unknown to her. It made sure of that much. Until today.

She was walking home from her school on the same cracked dirt path she had walked on for as long as she could remember, while listening to the wind howl and rock the creeks sign that said “Welcome to Portsworth” back and forth. She walked through her rotting wooden fence to unlocked the door to her cozy wooden house, and was greeted with silence. Which wasn't a big deal, both her parents worked late so she was used to having herself as company. As Aithy flicked the light switch next to the spiraling staircase, she saw a flicker of an outline.

It had hidden itself away from her well over the years but today it had let it's guard down, it was too late to hide. "W-who are you? Show yourself self!" She half whispered/yelled at it. 

And, just as she was about to blame the the shadow on her imagination, it revealed itself. After a moment passed it stepped out of the shadows- or rather the shadows stepped out of the room with it. Aithy found herself surrounded by dark mist, slowly coming together to form a body. A body made of complete darkness. Smiling slowly as it walked towards Aithy, who was completely numb and still- as if awaiting command, it clutched her face with a finger, as if inspecting it.

“Your late”, It clucked, “I was waiting for you.”

Aithy let out a sobbing sound. “What do you want from me?” She manage to choke out, before her mind went blank and she fell to the ground.

“Whatever I want, I can take,” the shadow crouched next to the still girl. “I am your puppet master. I guess that makes your whole life a lie.”


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  • AbigailSauble

    Hope you continue this! :) Very interesting!
    God bless!

    over 2 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    "I am your puppet master" love that line

    over 2 years ago