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Lost Cause

June 20, 2014

PROMPT: Living in Music


There's something about Imagine Dragons' "Lost Cause" that draws me in.

It's not a happy song, not really. The chorus shuns the idea of redemption, spits on the possibility that atonement is possible. The singer calls for their shallow grave to be dug, because they're not being saved. Not them. They're a lost cause.

Honestly, it's incredibly depressing. Redemption is one of the most oft-used tropes in fiction. Darth Vader resurrected Anakin Skywalker to save his son. Severus Snape spent the rest of his life atoning for betraying Lily Potter to Voldemort. Grom Hellscream gave his life to lift a curse that affected the entire orcish race. The chorus of this song ardently denies that the singer deserves redemption, that they can be saved, and declares themselves nothing less than a lost cause. What is it about this song speaks to me so much?

It's because he says "Wait." Just as the singer is screaming about being a lost cause, he backtracks with a "Wait." A "you" - a friend - has exposed them to light. The whole song is practically a monologue to the friend by the lost cause detailing their wretchedness because their friend see differently. Their friend sees light. Their friend sees hope. And, though they deny it, the lost cause sees that they might have a chance at being saved after all.

Perhaps... perhaps what most draws me to this story is the hope. The silver lining that, dark and cold as one may be, as much self-loathing as one may be filled with, there is a chance. That there is no such thing as a lost cause. That one can always say "Wait."

Perhaps that is why.


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