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A Reminder

By: Quilling Leaves


Through my nightmares,
my uncertainty and questioning state,
my insecurity and distress,
​my sadness, and mourn,
​my pain and incomplete state,
​my struggles and fear,
​my anger and lonely state.
​the beauty of nature still grows
and ceases to amaze me.

​Through all this,
​I still see beauty in the wild's creatures and nature.
​I can still imagine me sitting in the meadow,
​staring up at the charcoal night sky,
​winking down at me with its many twinkling eyes,
​and a complete shining silver face.
​I can see bliss on my face with a smile,
​with my wandering heart at ease,
and  my wondering mind satisfied.

​I can feel a gentle caring breeze
​sweep against my cheek, kissing it.
​Cool to the touch,
​but so gentle and warm and comforting and loving.
​I can feel the presence of my Lord around me,
​urging me to keep my faith and happiness.
​Reminding me even when I feel alone,
​I'm never alone.

By the way this is just a poem telling about when ever I feel any of those emotions, I imagine this and it puts me at ease, everyone feels these way at least once in there lives. We all have out moody moments, even if we don't know why.

Message to Readers

Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading this poem and God bless you.

Peer Review

​'Reminding me even when I feel alone,/ ​I'm never alone.' It wasn't only a really strong and resolved way to end, but also a really beautiful one too. It's quite a universal feeling, the sensation of comradeship in nature. For you that was obviously in feeling the brilliance of it all and associating it with God, and his creation of it - but this is even relatable to people who aren't religious because it's just such a recognisable feeling. I really get the sense that my problems are marginal when in nature, for example, because it reminds you of the real inherent beauty of the world, and that's not really a tenuous thing - it'll always be there, whatever's going on in your own life. I thought you really captured this idea well and it engaged me as a reader.

You use description really beautifully and you craft language really effectively. This helped to make me feel really at peace and will cause me to look twice at the beautiful things I walk past every day. Innumerable people have described the night sky, but you didn't do it in the same way as anyone else and didn't just play on stereotypes - you came up with your own individual and beautiful description of it. That was really beautiful.

What inspired it? I know it's a bit of a boring question but is this something you've always found to be the case or have you only just fully appreciated the soothing effects of nature?

Reviewer Comments

You write really beautifully and this piece really engaged and attracted me from the outset. However, would you consider describing nature not just visually, but using the other senses too? It was really effective when you described the sensation of the breeze against your cheek - could you, though, maybe detail the range of aromas in nature or the sounds of the birds? This might help the reader to understand the largeness of nature and how incredible it is.
This was really enjoyable to read - you're an incredible writer and I hope to read more of your work in the future. Well done!