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My name is Liliana. I love to write, read, and learn. When I grow up I want to be a journalist. I love to write about things I see, and I love to watch people. I love to sit in small spaces and read and write. My favorite thing I ever wrote is the story describing my encounter with Peppa Pig and why I am afraid of it. My favorite place to write in the world is Croatia. I hope that I can improve my writing here to become the best writer I can be.

The Explanation: Diary of Lila Caljet, Conceals Only the Answers

November 14, 2017

Dear Reader,
I am Lila Calejet. You must understand
the discoveries you find in this book
are true but if this gets out you will
be killed. I must keep some information
from you such as the description of me
and everyone and almost everything in
this book, but I promise to try my best
to give you a fair share of the story.
You will only find the truth that lies
in me. You will only find the answers
to my secrets and only my secrets.
I promise to you that anything,
dear reader, you read here is true
and you never heard it from me.

     The only thing that was stopping me from walking into my new school was something was nagging at me. Something that told me NOT to walk into that all girls school, something told me that there was something not right about that school. And that was exactly why I had to walk in. 
    As soon as I walked in I noticed something, something I had never seen before. This girl was looking at me disapprovingly so I asked her a question (naturally).  
    "Excuse me, can you direct me too dorm 202?" I asked,
    I could tell she was disgusted by me so I kept pushing.
    "Excuse me..." I poked " Can you tell me where I could find dorm 202??" I asked again,
    "Hello???" I asked again,
    "Up the steps to the left" the girl said to me,
    The girl just stared at me, it was creeping me out. 
    "Ok, can you stop staring at me?" I asked,
    The girl grabbed my arm and pulled me in
    "Can we talk some place else?" 
    Before I had time to say no and run away and ask someone else, the girl pulled me to what looked like a coat room. The only thing I can tell you about this room, dear reader, was it was located in the west wing of the large building and was a very dark room.
    "It is not safe here, you must leave" the girl requested, "You must leave"
    Then all of a sudden the girl vanished and so did I.
    When we reappeared we were in a classroom, it was strangely familiar but only from my dreams.
    "If the American Revolution had not happened, we probably would not have been here today" said a voice,
    I looked around. The girl who had just spoken was a girl with re.. sorry, I can not give her appearance. I breathed in, I was in class but I was still scared. After class I asked my new teacher where dorm room 202 was. 
    "Another with that question" she responded,
    "Umm?" I asked,
    "Up the steps to the left", my teacher told me.
    "Thank you," I replied,
    I walked up the windi...sorry, I cannot tell you that. I walked up the steps and I looked to my left right away, then I saw a sign on a door that read: RESRICTED AREA, KEEP OUT. ROOM 205
    "Strange" I thought,
    "I must go in" said a voice,
    "I must go in" I heard again,
    "I must go in" that time I was the one who said it,
    I went into the room, and I immediately was attacked. I new I had been set up. I ran out of the room as fast as I could. Back down the steps and straight into a girl.
Dear Reader,
You must understand now is the time

in which you find the truth. I must
inform you that this is the horrible 
part of my tale and you must keep 
a close eye. Read very carefully and
you will understand. If you just read 
you will never be able to comprehend
this. I hold in this part of my tale the 
truth that lies in the depths of me.

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