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Enwright Patient Files: Jake

By: Lee Fudge


Name: Jake Richardson 
Age: 27
Former Occupation: Garderner
Crime: Twelve Counts of Murder
Diagnosed With: Personalitiy Projection Disorder 

Day 136*: Upset catus wife is burnt. He supposedly gave her a personality, as that people people with Personality Projection Disorder do.

Day 137: Wrapped a rope around a pot, and said "It's sharp isn't Danny?". Ropes aren't sharp, but that's beside the point, WHAT THE HECK JAKE?

Day 138: ...Has Jake always been a fascist?

Day 139: Danny the pot apparently stole Jake's lunch money. I believe this is an event that happened once in his life. With an actual person named Danny of course. 

Day 140: Danny went to high school with Jake, being his bully.

Day 141: Okay, I am 90% certain that Jake was never British.

*Days since admittance to Enwright's Home for the Particularaly Inanse.

Hey, weird question, how would you guys feel if I wrote a song?

Message to Readers

Any feedback is great!

Peer Review

I like the whole written piece in general, even though it's quite confusing. I love mysteries and I just wanted more and more to read.

I was left with the feeling of longing for more. I absolutely loved this piece, and I want more of it.

Why did you write this piece?

Reviewer Comments

This is a very well written mysterious piece of writing, and I absolutely loved it. I hope there is more on this because I need more, it's just too good.

Very well done!