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Enwright Patient Files: Arthur

November 7, 2017


Name: Arthur Adams
Age: 9
Crime: Arson
Diagnosed with: Pyromania 

Day One: He someone smuggled a match in his holding area. He has no means of lighting it however, so he has proceeded to kicking the walls.

Day Two: He has drawn a picture of the Helvetica Flamethower Robot. I am not sure how he got national secrets, but it was a nice use of orange.

Day Three: I have learned a little girl kept calling him "Dumby" for three consecutive years. This may have caused his pyromania.

Day Four: He set Jake's catus is on fire. Jake is widower now, apparently.

Day Five: Note: nine year olds that set a known serial killer's catus on fire will proceed to beat the everlasting fear,out of said serial killer.

Day Six: They made friendship bracelets.

Day Seven: The boy puts mayonnaise on literally everything. I never even bought mayonnaise.

Day Eight: Apparently Arthur's hair isn't naturally black.

Day Nine: He drew a picture of his family on fire. That already happened, but still.

Day Ten: Nine year olds make really stinging insults. 



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  • Glytch Montoya

    Hmm... Enwright...? What is that? Is it some sort of correctional facility?

    almost 2 years ago