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Everyday I write (and write). From little one scene stories to huge essays, I am always writing something. Apart from writing, I spend my time researching different times and places in history. :)

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First, thanks for reading my writing! If you would like to review, please just refrain from being completely rude about the piece. I would like honest, blunt feedback, but just don't say something that is not helpful to improving the writing. Also, if there is a grammatical mistake, you can notify me about it, but if it is an error that is adding to the story, don't worry about it. I probably already know about it! Thanks again, sorry for going on for so long!

The Barn Dance

June 22, 2014

Imagine a party, it starts mellow, subdued and polite, but as time carries on the atmosphere gets more vocal, and hectic, but not in a turmoil, rather a joyous orb of energy. The piece, Barn Dance, invokes such emotions, that come up from the pit of your stomach and up into your heart. Musically, Barn Dance begins with the low voices of the trumpet, saxophone, and slide trombone, in my mind, it is the hum of pre-party activity, decorating the home, conjuring up bites to eat, and welcoming the guests into the living room. It is quiet, yet something is bubbling under surface, an excitement, ready to create a memorable night. Creating the celebration has just a zenith as the core of it all.
As the song progresses, eighth notes dance, fleeting across the page. Christmas eve is picking up. The summer kick-off has reached its pinnacle. People's voices once contained to a few feet leap bounds through the room reminiscing about years past, exclaiming the wonder of the moment, just singing along to the thumping beat. Swirling up and down, between overbearing aunties, embracing nanas, trying to reach the corner you thought you never left. Loving chaos, binding you to family, friends, gripping you into a furious dance, twisting into rooms that you tiptoed into. Warm chaos, beneath the curtain of a storm, the barn where a blazing heat tickles you from top to bottom.
The door closes, the rhythm slows, it is over. Quietly, as trash is swept and the radio begins its nighttime talk, you gaze around, the dance that everyone standing in the same room performed. Barn Dance.

This is a classical concert band style piece, if you would like to hear it, you can go to http://www.jwpepper.com/ and search for "Barn Dance" and hit the listen button on the piece.


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