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I am an aspiring writer who happens to live on a farm and love cats! So as it is said on my blog, I'm an author, farmer, and daughter of the King of Kings. I hope my writing leaves you with some kind of blessing today, big or little.

God bless!

Message to Readers

This is the opening scene for my current WIP, a YA portal fantasy. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

One Light Shining - Chapter One

November 20, 2017

CADE WAS TRESPASSING. In his own home. Or, more correctly, the home he had been banished from.
He knew these halls and stairs, so the lack of candles did not hinder him. Some small, traitorous part of him wished it did. He tried hard to seal it off, but his conscience persisted until sweat tingled on his neck and his hands turned cold. His father would disapprove of such weakness, but could Cade actually help it? His intentions within this home tonight were so nefarious he could not allow the words to form in his mind. He prayed to the Ancient Ones for strength and withdrew his knife from its sheath.
The upstairs halls found him too quickly. He raised defenses against the barrage of memories, but the attack was one of vengeance and his walls were made of hurts and betrayals. The stairways up which he had run with the boy he had called his friend, the closets they would hide inside, the wilderness outside this home they had explored for hours on end. The memories were too great a force for his own will to stand against. Only his father's voice kept him going.
Here he had a chance to strengthen their cause in the rebellion. He had only to use this knife.
Cade reached the bedroom door. His knees nearly gave out. Weakling. He trembled until he was he forced to grasp the knife's hilt with both hands. Coward. He gripped the latch, moved it upward, eased the door open. A widow inside splashed moonlight on a figure slumbering upon the bed. Cade's heart trashed so loudly he feared it would draw attention, or waken the young man he had called his friend.
With steps almost silent, he moved to the bedside. Quiet snoring drifted upward. He tightened his hold on the knife. Not allowing for a second's pause, Cade clamped his hand down over the young man's mouth, causing him to jolt into consciousness. His eyes were wide in fright until they locked with his. His breathing remained rapid, and panic returned to his gaze a half a moment later, as though he had read Cade's intention in his eyes instantly. And of course, he would have – for what other reason would Cade risk coming in here after banishment?
He let his hand ease a fraction, enough for one word to slip from the victim's lips. “Cade . . .”
It was a word of pleading, spoken in a way that said he knew his fate was at hand. At Cade's hand.
Footsteps thudded in the hall. Cade pressed his hand down firmly again – he couldn't risk him calling out for help. Who would be traversing these halls at this hour? He had to do this. Now. No matter how his heart pounded, no matter the body under his hand trembled, he was in this, and there was no backing out. His knife hand shot into action, and the blade was dragged across the victim's throat. Physically stabbed at the sight of this blood, Cade stumbled back towards the door, his knife tumbling to the floor, the length of the silver blade's edge now crimson. He fell back into the hall, dragging in a breath.
“Cade?” A voice pierced his daze.
A face much like that of the young man he had called his friend studied his, and the man's eyes went wide. A horrid, choking gasp came from the room.
“Cade, what-”
He didn't allow the elder to finish, but swung his fist upward, catching the man's jaw and driving him against the wall. Stumbling, and fighting the nausea which churned his gut like butter, he fled. Fled the upstairs, fled the home, fled into the dark, until the recurring images of the scene crippled and left him upon the ground.
He would never forget the horror in the young man's eyes as his final gasp for breath forever echoed among these plains and hills. Cade wore blood on his hands. This was revenge.
Was it worth it?

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  • mason wong

    This is a great story!!!!!

    8 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Excellent, vivid descriptions! Please keep writing. :)

    almost 2 years ago