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Unpopular Opinions

November 6, 2017


I've been made to believe I have a lot of unpopular opinions. But what makes them unpopular? The media? Parents? Just common thoughts that I don't share with people? Let's take a look. I'll be doing 14 of them, since that's how old I am. Haah, I'm so clever (not). 

Unpopular Opinion #1: I like country music.
Why are people so quick to hate country? It's so good! Is it because there's this big stereotype that everyone who likes country are from Texas and are total drunkards? That's so dumb to me. There's so much feeling in country music that people overlook, feeling that doesn't often come with the mainstream pop on the radio. 
Unpopular Opinion #2: I love Taylor Swift, and 5 Seconds of Summer
I don't care who you are, these artists saved my life, and at the same time made it. A little story- I was only allowed to listen to Kidz Bob when I was younger. Well, Love Story by Taylor Swift was my favorite on one of the CDs, ever since I was, what, three years old, and I had no clue who Taylor Swift even was. I was at Taco Bell one day, and heard the song playing, and I got really excited. The next day, my mum showed me the music video and introduced me to the artist. Now, eleven years later, I'm still a die-hard fan. As for both of these artists, they have bad reps which is so stupid to me. Taylor Swift dates too many guys- um, what? What woman only dates one guy before marriage? She has dated a lot, and some of them were her fault for the breakup and the song, and she's even apologized in her songs before! "Taylor's a b*tch." Excuse me, but she donates a lot of her money to charities and makes time to hang out with fans. Sure she's in a feud with other celebrities, but what celebrity is on good terms with everyone? 5 Seconds of Summer gets a bad rep just for having a fanbase made of mostly girls, and they opened for One Direction. "They're a boyband, and they sing about the same things as all other boybands: loving a girl, missing a girl, having a crush on a girl.." *Cough cough* Go look up the word boyband. Boybands don't play instruments, they just sing. 5sos, all the members play an instrument. And I'm sorry, but three quarters of what's on the radio is about missing, loving, or crushing on someone. Their music is amazing, but again, that's my unpopular opinion. If anything, their second album isn't as great because they're trying to prove themselves to their haters, which is a waste of time to me. Wow. That was kinda long.
Unpopular Opinion #3: Spiders are amazing
Hahaah, it amazes me how many people are scared of these little guys. They're so cute! Go look at a jumping spider and tell me it's not adorable. You know they wear water droplets as hats? And black widows are sooo pretty! The shiny black with the striking red hourglass? And the webs of a cross orbweaver? Beautiful. 
Unpopular Opinion #4: Monkeys are ugly
Okay, so everyone's always like "awwww, I love monkeys, they're so crazy and cute!" But I'm just like, "meh." I dunno. Just don't care for 'em. But put me in front of a hedgehog and I'll be squealing for days.
Unpopular Opinion #5: A boy should be able to hit a girl
"Oh, Ace, you're against feminists, why do you like boys so much, blah, blah, blah.." I'm not against feminists. I don't love boys. Sure, I like boys more than girls, romantically and platonically, but that's not what I'm saying.  Everyone whines that women are still being discriminated against, but, um, so are guys. You get all these people whining about how guys take advantage of girls all the time, but what about when a girl takes advantage of a guy, huh? Like, if a girl hits a guy, she's so super brave, but if a guy hits a girl he's suddenly this horrible untrustworthy monster? It's like guys have to walk on eggshells nowadays to not offend a girl. Girls hit guys for the most stupid reason, why shouldn't they be able to defend themselves? There's this rule I heard, where a guy can only hit back after the girl hits him three times. Ummm, no. If I'm being stupid, I wanna be able to know a guy can knock some sense into me with a good sucker-punch. Maybe that's just me. 
Unpopular Opinion #6: Rain and thunderstorms are beautiful
I love the cold. I hate heat. Rain is super pretty, and the sound of thunder and the light of the bolts is just relaxing and satisfying. Have you ever walked outside after it rained, especially in a forest or so, and just drew in a deep breath? It smells so good! Last week I was talking to my friend about the smell of snow and this one girl laughed and was really confused like, "What does snow smell like?" I don't know! That's like asking me to explain the taste of water or explain the difference between left and right with only words. It's just a thing, haha.
Unpopular Opinion #7: People aren't "fine" or "hot"
Maybe this is just an asexual thing, but my friends will be like "oh my god Ethan is soo hot!" or "D*mn, he's fine" Haha, I don't get that. I get if a person is cute or aesthetically pleasing, but what's so attractive about bums and busts? They're balls of fat. Quoting a Tumblr post I found: "If you can love me for the fat on my chest why can't you love me for the fat on my stomach?"
Unpopular Opinion #8: Star Wars is lame
Cue the hate comments! I'm just not a fan, alright? It's literally swords in space, and the franchise has gone on for years and I'm tired of hearing the incorrect quote, "Luke, I am your father." For the record, Darth Vader said "No, I am your father." And, agreeing with Beca from Pitch Perfect, it wasn't a big plot twist. "Vader means father in German. His name is literally Darth Father."
Unpopular Opinion #9: Football is dumb
"Oh, Ace, get out of here, everyone loves football-" JaMes rAlLisOn, TheOdd1sOut dOesn'T liKe foOtbaLL. I don't care for sports in general, just because they're boring. Most of them is just passing a ball around a field until a team gets enough points to be declared the victor. Yes, I like hockey and I like swim and karate (some might not even view karate a sport but whatever), but that's just the bias part of me I guess. There's just something about hockey that's much more fun than, like, any other sport. Swimming, well, with swimming, you don't feel yourself sweating :)
Unpopular Opinion #10: Memes are annoying
Memes just aren't as hilarious as people say. Maybe some are, especially ones from fandoms I'm in (*cough* And Peggy *cough*), but a lot of them are just dumb. Like the "here comes dat boi" meme? That's so stupid to me. And has no one realized how offensive some are? There was this one Spongebob meme I saw and it had a picture of Spongebob making a dumb, ugly funny face, and the caption was "When your teacher's computer breaks and starts making noises and the special kids think it's music". Excuse me, but what gives you the right to say that? That's so mean on so many levels and I'll not stand for it. Make fun of an autistic kid or any other "special" kid in front of me and you're gonna get smacked. I don't care if you're six, sixteen or sixty, black, white or asian, fat or skinny, you should know better.
Unpopular Opinion #11: Gay guys are not feminine
Okay, so this one is more contradicting a popular stereotype. Not all gay guys are feminine, okay? My dad made this joke, and he was like "What does a gay cow eat? Haaay~" And I got really mad. One of my closest friends is gay and he's actually really manly (it kinda scares me, haha). Gay guys don't walk weird, or talk like your average white girl (pardon me if that offended someone), or anything feminine like that. Gay guys are guys, okay? They can be feminine, sure, but not all of them are. Why is it "cool" for a girl to be tomboyish but it's wimpy or some crap for a guy to act like a girl, anyway? I've said it a million times already, but it's just stupid.
Unpopular Opinion #12: Cats are better than dogs
So a lot of people might actually agree with me, but some honestly don't. Don't get me wrong, I have a dog of my own and I love her to pieces, but I just love cats a lot more. Cats are softer, and less needy, but at the same time super needy. Also I share a lot of qualities and tendencies with the little fluffballs. Either way, I don't agree that either of them are the best pets. Hedgehogs have my vote.
Unpopular Opinion #13: Lucifer is actually pretty cool
I'm not a satanist. I just think the idea of this fallen angel is fascinating. I also don't believe Lucifer and Satan are the same entity, but let's not get into a debate. While I do find the actual fallen angel Lucifer fascinating, I typically mean Hanzō Urushihara from The Devil is a Part-Timer! Also Lucifer from the TV show Lucifer is cool. This one time, I was hanging with my cousin and something surprised me so I impulsively said "Oh, my Lucifer!" (you know.. because you're not supposed to say God's name in vain, why not say Lucifer's?) and my cousin who was recently baptized was like, "*elongated gasp* did you just say hail Lucifer?!" 'n I was like "" He still doesn't believe me.
Unpopular Opinion #14: LARPing seems like it would be really fun
OKay so I know a lot of people are gonna call me a nerd but c'mon! Imagine just getting to be Ciel Phantomhive for a day! And your buddies get to be Sebastian and Finny and- fyxutcyivb-wouldn't that be so fun? No? Fine. I stick by my heavily unpopular opinion.

So bam, there's that. Do any of you agree with me? Does anyone wanna argue? Not gonna lie, I love a good argument as long as no one gets hurt.


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  • LackingASocialLife

    1. country music usually bothers me, but it doesn't make you any worse a human
    2. I like T.S's old stuff and 5SOS
    3. Depends. They're fascinating, but from a distance. Tarantulas are cool though
    4. Monkeys kind of scare me actually, but they're kinda cute
    5. I think both should be able to hit either playfully or as self-defence, but honestly, I think nobody should hit anyone.
    6. I relate to every sentence you wrote
    7. Hon, it's an asexual thing. My friends say the same thing and I'm like "wot no its just a butt" but then I'll say that someone is good looking/aesthetically pleasing and they're all like "I THOUGHT YOU WERE ASEXUAL" and I'm here like, ;-;
    8. I haven't seen any of them and don't plan to :P
    9. Sports make me wanna die. Like what's the point again?
    10. I live off memes, but they can be dumb aha
    11. PREACH- just yesterday I was listening to a song with a friend and it was a guy with a feminine voice and she was like "He sounds so gay" and I sat there like the frick frack snickety snack did you just say
    12. I like both equally "But you can only choose one!" Um no thanks they're both precious
    13. I think the story of Lucifer is fascinating, but, once he became satan, he wasn't a cool dude. That's my religious perspective, though. Because I know satan as the root of every bad thing in this world.
    14. You do you :D

    over 2 years ago
  • Gabriel Goodwin

    You are a brave soul for sharing! I love it!
    And I would just like to say, regarding your opinions...
    1. Country music is fine to me, but then again my preferences are different
    2. Taylor Swift and 5 Seconds of Summer is fine to me as well.
    3. I don't like spiders, but spiders are cool on their own level, just don't like being near one I guess
    4. Monkeys are fine
    5. To tell you the truth, a lot of boys hit girls, so I prefer if the world would stop hurting each other instead of promoting violence, but that's wishful thinking from me I guess
    6. Yes, they are beautiful in their own way.
    7. It's better to love the person for who they are, that's all I'll say
    8. That's fine, maybe sci-fi isn't your thing perhaps? Or maybe it's too mainstream??? But I am a Star Wars fan so I'll say that it's not lame at the very least.
    9. I don't like playing sports, but sports is fine. It's a universe of itself
    10. Memes can get annoying, but there are good ones! It's just that the offensive memes outweigh everything else :-(
    11. No comment.
    12. I don't have any pets, but my preferences say dogs, but that's fine if you hate on that.
    13. That's cool~
    14. No comment.

    almost 3 years ago
  • Lucy_Cerys

    Where abouts are you living? A lot of these opinions aren't that unpopular where I am. I mean lots of biblical stories, or actually any origin stories, mythological stories and all of that, are incredibly interesting (at least to me). And hell yes! Thunderstorms and rain are beautiful! Who disagrees with that? I mean, at times they can be slightly terrifying but most beautiful things are (the Great Sublime must remind us of our own insignificance after all).

    almost 3 years ago
  • Lucy_Cerys

    #8 - Star Wars is not lame. Really, it's so not lame. And how often are people quoting Star Wars to you that you're annoyed by a misspoken line? Clearly the story must have stuck with you in some way seeing as you remembered this part, or have you just been watching 'Top Ten Misquoted Lines' on YouTube?? Damn, I almost feel bad that there is so much you're unable to appreciate. Hey, sorry for getting touchy, but you don't go saying things like 'star wars is lame' without looking for a fight. You got me?

    almost 3 years ago
  • Lucy_Cerys

    #10 - memes are an art form that clearly is wasted on you.

    almost 3 years ago
  • Lucy_Cerys

    #5 - I feel as thought that's a rather naïve point of view. The fact is, however we would like it to be different, men are built in a way that generally makes them much stronger. So it's not about equality, it's about the fact that they are (usually) in a position of far greater power. See? This is dangerous. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, nobody should hit anybody. For a short time when I was younger I think I may have agreed with you on this, but when I was younger I thought a lot of stupid things about an idealised world. Anyway, perhaps you might change your mind like I did. Whatcha think?

    almost 3 years ago
  • rainandsonder

    Not a personal fan of country music or Taylor Swift or anything, but I don't understand where all the hate towards fans of this music comes from. It's ridiculous and it's just music.

    YES. Monkeys are actually really ugly and not even remotely cute.

    I love thunderstorms!

    And Star Wars!

    I agree. Most memes are terrible or annoying or offensive. There are good ones out there, but most are bad.

    I prefer dogs, but this is because I've never owned a cat. I don't really get why people pit cats and dogs against each other and consider them to be the two main pets. It makes no sense to me.

    Overall, great work!

    almost 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Of I ever got a hedgehog I would definately name him sonic too.

    about 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    1.) I think country music is okay, I guess. Just not my favorite.
    2.) Meh. Not a fan. It's totally fine if you're a fan, though.
    3.) A friend of mine also thinks that spiders are amazing! Well, I guess spiders are cool in terms of talents, but I just can't really get past the whole "black widows are deadly" thing...
    4.) I guess it depends on the monkey.
    5.) I generally just choose not to hit girls because I want to be a gentleman. Also, chances are, they didn't even do anything that was worth being hit. (Also, I don't have much arm strength, but my morals are strong).
    6.) I'm personally not a fan of being OUTSIDE during thunderstorms, but if I'm inside, thunderstorms are pretty cool! You know, as long as nothing gets too destroyed...
    7.) No comment available.
    8.) You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I happen to be a big Star Wars fan, partially due to my early exposure to it (the first movie I ever remember seeing was Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which was technically the first one). Different people can have different opinions about different things.
    9.) I am not a fan of sports, either. ESPECIALLY football. In fact, on nights that I have a lot of homework, I put the TV on football so that I won't watch it. (As you may have guessed from one of my more recent pieces, I don't like darkness. Also, I can't handle total silence. It just feels... Unnatural).
    10.) There are a few good memes out there (don't quote me on that). Unfortunately, the sheer OVERABUNDANCE of stupid and/or offensive ones outweighs the good ones so much that the scale was tilted until it became a vertical line! As for that specific example you gave of an offensive one... My reaction would probably be very similar to yours, except, rather than smacking them, I would punch them in the face. I would still never hit a girl, though. (I've got the integrity of adamantite). Also, I would never hit a little kid or someone elderly. (I usually try to be a nice person). Basically, if it's a guy that's somewhat close to my age, and they make jokes about that stuff right in front of me... I W O U L D N ' T B E S O N I C E .
    11.) I don't really have anything to say for this one.
    12.) I'm personally more of a cat person than a dog person. Sure, little dogs are cute and all, but, the thing is... A LOT OF DOGS ARE REALLY LOUD. I'm not a fan of loud, high-pitched noises, especially when I'm not expecting it. (Also, if I ever get a hedgehog, I'm naming the hedgehog Sonic, for somewhat obvious reasons).
    13.) The concept is pretty cool, as is the story. (Also, to avoid any confusion like that, I just come up with a really bizarre and outlandish exclamation right on the spot. It works wonders!)
    14.) LARPing, by definition, is rather geeky (NOT nerdy). But what people need to understand is THAT IS NOT A BAD THING. So you really like a certain work of fiction and want to assume the role of one of the characters? Go ahead! Actors do it all the time! It's their JOB, for crying out loud. Anyone ever think of that? (Also, uh, who's Ciel Phantomhive?)

    ...I think that's everything.

    about 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    1 sorry no...
    2 meh :/
    3 I hate spiders!
    4 okay I can see that
    5 only if they get to hit em back
    6 couldn't agree more, they're epic!
    8 well I haven't seen it so I leave no comment.....
    9 all sports are awesome! (Except golf)
    10 yes, but I still can't help laughing at some
    12 I love both equally
    13 there is no way in the entire world I would ever agree with that.

    about 3 years ago
  • Clare B*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

    Copy and paste this address into google and be amazed by the cuteness!!!

    about 3 years ago
  • Clare B

    I for one don't like country music, but I know that's just my opinion and others tastes in music are different than mine, no judgement there.

    I do (kinda) like Taylor, her songs were some of the first I learned on guitar! Ex, "You Belong With Me." But i don't know who 5 Seconds of Summer are (sorry).

    Totally agree with you on the spiders! But not the monkeys... they're sooo cute lol.

    I've actually only watched Star Wars The Force Awakens, so can't really comment on if I think it's good or not, I did like some of the characters in the movie though.

    DOGS ARE BETTER THAN CATS!! I have a dog and no cat, I've actually never had a cat, which is kinda sad, but I still believe that dogs are better than cats; even though I love all animals;)

    I don't agree about Lucifer being cool, but I think you have a point about saying "Oh my Lucifer" instead of God, but it could easily get confused to mean something else, like what happened with your cousin.

    about 3 years ago