Rhapsodic Redhead

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For Forever

November 4, 2017

When we say best friends forever, we don't mean it in the literal sense. We don't mean to retain a bond of loyalty and love for the rest of time. It is an empty promise. One that is commonly broken before adolescence ends. We forget about this promise, one we through so casually into the air, planting an air of comfort between two beings. When the world ends, when forever becomes plausible and not a comfort, I would want these promises to face me. I would want every single promise I made to come to me. I would want to remember the times I did it. The times of success and triumph I felt within the task. I would also want to remember the bad times. The times when I wasn't goo enough, the times I could have dine something better. I f I only had a day, a day to fit all of the times I was held back by my own conscious or memory, would I be able to complete all of those tasks? Could I come back to the promises of forever? If I had the rest of forever, could the promises of now be fulfilled? Too many problems in too short of a time. 


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1 Comment
  • paperbird

    Did you mean "throw" instead of "through?" This is a really awesome piece.

    about 3 years ago