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Also that is a photo of my cat, Georgia. I love her

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-Everyone on this website says it but I love music and will gladly give suggestions for bands to listen to
I love me some big cats
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November 3, 2017

PROMPT: Why I Write

    I write to be a writer. I write to hone my skills as one, as it is a skill that will follow me like an imprinted duckling. I write to create something for myself, something that I may never show someone else despite how good I think it is. I write to escape the world around me, putting in headphones and letting my fingers drift across a crappy computer’s keyboard because I don’t want to be around my fellow braindead kids.

    I write because it is a dance with death. Because it is a chance to say something when your voice fails you. Because some will only trust the written word. I write because I lack the courage to stand up for myself, so I vent to this digital piece of paper. I write because I like the feeling of conjuring words, emotions out of nowhere, and capturing them with a pen.

    I write because it is powerful.


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