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"you asked me
how I made art
I used all
long, shiny, pretentious,

but the truth
is different
I never made art
I brought the hurricanes
sobs, revenge, stories
on the stark white sheet

and it looked
something like
art — it was art"
-Noor Unnahar

the great escape

November 2, 2017


do you know the feeling of freedom?
me neither
trapped in a house for 15 years
not just one house
but many houses
chained to the wall and tempted by the light shining
through the window
the same smells
the same people 
the same rooms
the same everything
the same dream of leaving a town that never
loved me anyways
the same idea that people are cruel and they just want to hurt me
people you don't know
can't hurt you, right?


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