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Books, the window to the soul

July 1, 2014

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We read to escape reality. My science teacher hasn't read a novel since high school a sad thing indeed. We all connect to characters and feel similar to them. Are you like Star-girl, the character created by Jerry Spinelli. Dreaming of Perry, raccoons, burning buildings and a lost pet rat? Or perhaps you are like the Jane Austen character Emma playing matchmaker. Or maybe you resemble Todd, Mark Shulmans creation, a confused bully but a book lover in hard places. Who ever is your favorite character likely relates to you, or you got so caught up in the story you became them. As far as I'm concerned I have fallen in love with mr.Darcy from pride and prejudice many many times. These books become a part of us. I will never forget Star-girl's braveness or her own unique self not following the crowd. I will always remember Mr.Darcy's proposal and Emma's silliness. I will recall the story of Todd and of Max and Freak in Freak The Mighty when helping others out of difficult situations. My beloved story's will always play across my soul and affect me.


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