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Hai I'm kayla, I love writing and poetry I try to blend them together as one writing style, I hope to update soon as possible

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This is a personal story about how I met my first love and struggles we got through more to come, feel free to write a comment

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September 26, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

         Chapter 1: one glance 
I remember u hopping into my car on a cold day,shy you were we were all crammed into the backseat listening to pierce the veil, You seemed to have no expression a blank canvas. I couldn't stop looking at you. scared I was to talk to you.Lost in your words while we walked through various halls and stores. We finally sat in the crowded cafeteria of the mall surrounded by seas of talking people, I bit into the hard taco we purchased before,you began to laugh My eyes brightened to the shock of the single sound coming out of your mouth. We shared a few laughs I couldn't bare the thoughts that roamed that were still living the month before.I ran off with my friend frustrated with my own motives. Don't leave was stuck in my head at the time, I left them alone to drift. All anybody could hear was silence I felt the emotions of the meanings. A long day full of memories but all I remembered was you, Your silence and logic surprised me. I liked it.


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