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The kind of feedback I would like for this piece would be your thoughts about adding any kind of person or creature. Also if there is anything that doesnt make sense and if there is something I should elaborate on. Are there any grammatic mistakes? What do you think about it? Basically anything you would like to tell me. Thank you. Hope you enjoy.

The Willow Tree

September 29, 2015

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                                                                    Chapter 1
n a cold wintery night, in a small town the sky was midnight blue lite by only the full moon. Shutters creaking in the light breeze, crickets chirping, swishing of the leaves, cows mooing, people chattering away it all seemed normal. A curious traveler was wondering around the town and walked upon a massive Willow tree. He stared at it taking in every eerie inch, as he started to turn around and walk away someone came running through the bushes. "Get away from there, move now, don’t get close to it" yelled an old man that came running from the bushes. The traveler stubbed backwards away from the tree staring at the old man wide eyed, mouth hanging open wondering where he came from. He didn’t think there were any buildings around here. The old man grabbed the traveler pulling him father away from the willow tree before shakingly falling to the ground. "Are you okay?" the traveler asked. The old man just kept muttering "Stay away, stay away". The traveler glanced at the tree and the old man wondering why he should stay away from the willow tree. He clicked on his tape recorder in his back pocket. "Why should I stay away from that tree?" he asked the old man. The old man took shaky breaths "It's evil you can't be near it no one can. "Why is it evil? How is it evil?" the traveler asked in curiosity. "That tree took more lives than Jack the Ripper. Anyone who gets close to it at night is never seen again. In the old legends it is said that the tree is over 1000 years old and it had a curse put on it. Would you like to hear the whole story?"the old man explained. "Sure but first let's get indoors and then you can tell me about the legend."the traveler said helping the old man up off the ground. They walked to a beautiful cabin that was about a mile away from the tree. "How did you know I was at the tree?" the traveler asked surprised that the cabin was so far away yet he got there in time. "I have cameras set up a good bit from the tree and closer to the tree so I know if anyone gets near it. I have the cameras hoping I can save anyone life who gets near it. Most of the locals know not to go near it because of the legend but some don’t  believe and others do not know. "he confessed. We sat down in front of the fireplace getting warm from the frigid air. "Legend has it that the evil queen planted that tree before she became evil. It grew as she grew but when she turned completely evil, the tree was cursed by the protectors of this land. They were  hoping she would visit it at night and be swallowed up. Which wasn’t the case, the evil queen left here and never came back. They made a monster that didn’t even sever its purpose in the end. They didn’t know how to get rid of it. Every time they tried to cut it down they couldn’t even put a scratch on it. People in town didn’t know about the tree's evil nature till several people were missing and then the protectors told them what they did. They ended up banded and the legend has been passed on to keep people away from the tree. I found out through the cameras that the tree eats them that's why they go missing. No one believes me, everyone thinks I'm crazy but if that means I can save lives then that's the price I'll pay." said the old man. "Do you believe the legend? The part about the evil queen and the protectors?"asked the traveler. "Yes how else do you explain the tree being evil, what other explanation could it be?" the old man questioned him. "I'm not sure, but I also don’t know whether I believe the legend. How can there be an evil queen and protectors that have magic?" the traveler said. "You just have to have faith. If you don't have faith you won't get far in life." Said that old man. The traveler thought about it for a moment, "Yes this is true you do need faith in something. Otherwise how would we make it through life. You need to have some faith in something to have everything keep going." "Yes we all do. I'm glad you realize that most people don't."the old man said. "So what can I do for you? I owe you for saving my life. What can I do to pay you back for that?" the traveler asked. "Hmm" the old man's eyebrows creased and he tapped his fingers on the table. Tap. Tap. Tap.  "Well why don't you stay here with me and help me stop people from getting to close to the willow tree. You seem health and your much younger than I, so you could get there faster. So why not stay and help me? Unless you have somewhere else you have to be?" the old man said. The traveler thought for a moment about his ex. His ex left him for another man a month ago and she was all he had left. His job can be anywhere he can write so he had no reason not to stay, but many reasons to stay. "Yes I'll stay with you. I'll do my best to help you but I won't promise how long I'm staying. I never know if I need to leave at any time. Oh by the way my name is Sam. It's nice to meet you. " Sam said. "Okay I understand and I'm glad you can stay. It will be a lot of help to me and the town. And I'm Henry nice to meet you too" Henry said shaking Sam's hand. "Well I knew you where going to meet him but I didn't know it would be this soon Henry though I shouldn't be surprised that it happened so fast " said a beautiful young lady leaning against the door frame. " Ma'am please don't stand in the doorway, move quickly. " Sam hurried near her. She jumped back surprised how fast he had moved. " Why is it so important to you that I not stand in the doorway? " she asked. Sam hesitate "b- because when I was growing up my parent used to tell me this story about  trolls. The story said that there are trolls and they are creatures that are very vicious and they will bite and scratch you, they also pull hair. They stay in the door ways where you are vulnerable and if you stand there to long they will attack you. So my parents always told me to enter a room fast so they can't jump on you. Once they get on you they don't let go like yellow jackets." She stared at him eyebrows raised slightly. "That would explain why you partially ran into each room since you came in my home." Henry said. "If trolls were real why can't we see them? " she asked still not convinced. "They say that only kids can see them because they are pure of heart and they have imagination."Sam answered her. She thought about it for a moment and shrugged her shoulders leaning against the wall instead of the door frame. "My name is Paige. It's nice to finally meet you sam." Paige said including her head slightly towards Sam. Sam stood wide eyed frozen in place, his shoulders were stiff and knees locked.  " H - how d- did you know my name and what do you mean finally meet me?" Sam stuttered. Paige stood there against the dark mahogany wall in all black. Sam looked closer and noticed she had a grass stand on pants. Paige finally answered him but not what he was expecting, " I've been following you since you got in town. We don't get many visitors so I wanted to see why you were here and it was easier to find out by following you. " "Well you could have just asked me instead of following like a stalker." Sam said uneasy.  She rolled her eyes "Where's  the fun in that?" She asked. She walked towards him, the smile she was giving him gave him the chills. " Quit playing around with him Paige. He is having a hard enough time dealing with the tree being magical. He doesn't need you messing with his emotions." Henry scolded her. She pouted walking away from Sam to sit down. She sat lazily on the leather couch next to a huge window over looking a lake, glazing out seeming to be in another world. Sam started to relax till a red light started flashing and something started beeping extremely loud. He put his hands over his ears and looked at Henry which was pressing buttons and the light and noise stopped. "Someone is getting close to the tree. We need to go stop her."Henry said frantic. "Leave it to me, I'll go and send them away." Sam said. Susan jumped up from the couch "How are you suppose to do that when you don't even know the place?? I'll go and I'm sure I would get there faster then you anyway." She said storming out. Sam looked at a map of the surrounding area and ran out the door. Once he was out of the view of the house he ran at his true speed. He got to the tree within two minutes instead of the twenty it took him and Henry to get back to the cabin. He stood there waiting for the wander and seen something in the trees jumping from tree to tree. He couldn't tell what it was till it dropped down a foot away from him. He gasped when he saw that it was Paige. She stood with her mouth hanging open as she stared at sam. " How did you get here so fast? It should have took you a lot longer than this and you’re here before me and I left before you." she asked puzzled. Just then the wander  came into sight, she was standing there staring at us arguing. She looked about 14 years old, she was wearing a brown sweater and her hair was clinging to her face soaked. "Um hello, could you help me I'm lost. My boyfriend and I were out by the lake earlier but when I fell in from standing to close to the edge he ran off and left me there. I barely got out because it was so deep and I can't really pull myself up. I went looking for him but I couldn’t find him and now I have no idea where I am and how to get home, please help me." she said.  We stared at her in shock about what she just told us and then she fainted, I ran over and caught her. I looked up at Paige "what do we do with her now? She could be sick from falling in that lake." Paige just stared at me for a moment and then regained her composer.  "Let's take her to the cabin and get her warmed up and then I'll take her home."Paige said already walking away.I picked the girl up and carried her in my arms holding her tight so she would stay warm.  Buzz. BuzzBuzz.  "Paige what is that?"Paige pulled out her phone and answered it. "Yes Henry what now?" she said sounding annoyed. she stopped and turn around fast "We have to go back now someone is almost  in the trees reaching distant. we might not make it in time to save him." Half way through what Paige was saying,  Sam had ran back to the tree still carrying the girl. He seen a boy standing so close to the tree and the tree branches starting to bend downwards. Sam grabbed and dragged him away from the tree, but the tree caught Sam's legs and pulled Sam back towards it.   


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