Lee Fudge

United States of America


Self Proclaimed Anime And Manga Expert

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Any feedback is great!

What I Want

November 1, 2017


I want to make people laugh, at least one time.
I want to be less socially awkward.
I want to write a song, but no one would like it.
I want to be less scared of everything.
I want to get a jury duty slip, then groan, because that's how America works.
I want to go to the west coast.
I want people to accept me.
I want someone to like me.
I want my sisters to stop bringing up injuries I accidentally caused. 
I want to cook something.
I want to find a friend that likes anime.
I want to talk to. my grandparents more.


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1 Comment
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    1: You've already done that 2: You'll grow outta it 3: They'll like it and if they don't it only matters what you think 4: There's nothing to fear but fear itself 5: My mom got two 6: It'll happen 7: They probably do and you just don't know it. If not their stupid 8: Again, people do and you just don't know it 9: Fight fire with fire 10: Then do it. Cooking is easy to learn 11: Almost everyone likes anime (except me, sorry) 12: send them letters (they'll love it) and ask your parents if you can visit them more often. Be more positive :)

    about 2 years ago