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"you asked me
how I made art
I used all
long, shiny, pretentious,

but the truth
is different
I never made art
I brought the hurricanes
sobs, revenge, stories
on the stark white sheet

and it looked
something like
art — it was art"
-Noor Unnahar

tell me

November 1, 2017


i will always be scared
i am not beautiful enough
for you
or if i am beautiful
at all 
i will change 
what i am wearing
five times before 
i see you wondering
which pair of jeans
will make my body
more tempting to undress
tell me
is there anything
i can do
to make you think
she is so 
she makes my body
forget it has knees
write it in a letter
and address it to
all the insecure 
parts of me
my uneven fingers
my thighs
your voice alone
drives me to tears
yours telling me i am beautiful
yours telling me i am enough


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