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I'd like to know if there's anything that I could improve in structuring this poem (Lines per stanza-wise - is this appropriate?). I wasn't really thinking about how I wanted to structure it when I wrote it, I just kind of wrote the ideas as they flushed my mind. Feedbacks on the kinds of analogies and metaphors that I've used would also be welcome (I feel like I built off from various analogies and I'd like to narrow down the focus of the poem). I'm also curious to know how you interpreted it. Thanks so much! :)

Wind barrier

September 25, 2015

A wall. A brick barrier, a protector.
A castle made of rocks.

Impetus, our passion to pursue.
There is a momentum in our souls.

Don’t ever look back, on the animals,
Poor victims of hit-and-run.
I am terribly sorry, I must go on.

I exist! I exert a force
Upon this universe of malleable and
Unmovable matter. I make a difference.

So I put up my wind barrier.
Don’t ever think too much, don’t ever feel too much;
But feel the wind! Feeling is the most important part.

Unshakable by earthquakes,
Resistant to hot fire.

The fortress, the military fort
That guards and guards.

Build! Grow! Live!
There is nothing wrong with it.

Behind every human move
There is an intricate system of reason.

Live by it. The fuel that takes on the soul.

Ever moving, ever aiming.
Does the leopard feel sorry for the eaten zebra?

Not parasitical. It is anything but.
Not cancer. Not selfish. I’m not acidic.

How else could we exist? It is a passion,
A red flame; each day we should strive
To burn ourselves with it.

I saw it on a TV show.

It is the most savage, primitive,
Disgusting, caveman,
Dispicable, abominable,


Part of the human spirit
That we insist on possessing.

We just do.

Just do.


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