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I guess I should say honest feedback is best but nothing crazy brutal. That said, please don't go to the other extreme and try to spare my feelings. Be descriptive and truthful because I really want to improve.

Won't you play?

June 17, 2014

"Hey," Liza pokes her sister Emily, "do you wanna play that alphabet game?" "I don't remember the rules." "Just start a sentence with the next letter in the alphabet, but make sure it makes sense in context. Kevin and me play all the time; you'll love it." "Like I'd enjoy something so kidish." "Maybe you would if you weren't so close-minded about everything," Liza mutters. Not a millisecond passes before the elder glares at her sister. "Oh, like you just know everything, Liz!" "Pfft. Queens like you aught to mind their tongues before their head roll, your majesty." "Rave and rant about whatever flitty thought comes to your head, why don't 'cha? Somebody one of these days needs to knock some sense into your skull." "Too bad for you 'cuz nobody'd wanna wreck a face this beautiful." "Under the right conditions they would. Venerable you may think you are, but open up your mouth and...," Emily grins wickedly. "Would you just play, Em," the girl whines. "X's aren't allowed, okay. You just can't come up with anything good that begins with 'x.'" "Zero chance of either of us coming up with anything better than x-Ray or xylophone?" "Absolutely. But if you'd like a challenge we can keep it in." "Can we just start already, Em!" "Don't whine." Emily glared at Liz, causing the younger to pout. "Fine, let's start." "Go first," Emily said grinning slightly.


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