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November 25, 2017

Nadia couldn't be crazy.

Nadia couldn't be crazy, because just because she hears colors.

Nadia couldn't be crazy because everyone was probably playing a joke on her, she couldn't be the only one who saw these colors, she couldn't handle the fact that she might actually be weird, be different.

Maya was a slut.

Maya was a slut because she fucked the football team after the homecoming game.

Maya was a slut because she was raped by members of the football team after homecoming, only the first person who responded to her cries for help was another member of the football team who recorded the scene and shared with the entire school. 

Maya was a slut because she didn't know how to report them, and had to deal with harassment for something she didn't even want.


Tyler wasn't gay.

Tyler wasn't gay because he totally didn't have a crush on Ethan and stare at his ass during gym.

Tyler wasn't gay because he couldn't be, his parents would hate him, kick him out, and he would never be able to date Ethan anyway, he was probably straight so there was no point in coming out.


Nadia, Maya and Tyler were alone.

Nadia, Maya and Tyler were alone because they had many friends but they had no one to talk to.

Nadia, Maya and Tyler were alone because out of the dozens of friends and people in their lives, there was no one they could tell their problems to, because no one would understand, or help, or get it because we all suffer pain but pain is too broad, too vague, because all three thought that their problem was only their own.
Thanks for reading! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say some of the stuff in this, so read with caution! This prompt was really fun.


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  • LackingASocialLife

    I LOVE the Maya one- they are all so good but that one was reality hitting you in the face. Perhaps because I can relate to it more than the others or perhaps it impacts me because it's very accurate. But I really like it. The Tyler one made me think of a friend who struggled to come out and Nadia reminded me of Luna Lovegood for some reason :) All good things!

    over 2 years ago