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Sarah Fisk

I am a 17 year old from Massachusetts, and I love to write. I don't believe that I'm the best writer, but I am happy when I write, so I am excited to be a part of this site!

Message from Writer

I would like feedback that is constructive, and helpful, and let me order things better, or word things more sophisticatedly, or change my sentence structure somehow. I do not like when people give me feedback suggesting that I change everything...Thanks!

Blinded by the Darkness

June 10, 2014

All around town, the screams of terror could be heard.. Boisterous chants from men in white cloaks.. Capturing a selection of frightened persons distinguished by their dark pigment.. Dragged out of their homes violently, late at night.. Each and every person of colour was lynched or shot.. Fire was set to some, held to a cross and burned at the stake.. Grieving families fled in fear of capture.. Harrowing memories imprinted on their minds.. Idealists were the cause, based on a belief in white supremacy. Jarring memories scarred those lucky enough to get away.. Kindling the skins of "niggers", they cried in horror.. Lying against the cold ground, their bodies shaking in agony.. Many were left to die, others were tortured longer, until they begged for death. Nameless graves found in the aftermath, their life story disappeared.. Overtly these men in cloaks killed, to terrify negroes into an inferior position. Pretentiously these men were recognized, and their efforts were applauded by many. Quenching a thirst to be the best, white men disparaged the dark race, creating a widespread hatred towards coloured men and women. Racism is the name, it has no justification. Slandering someone of a separate colour, giving them a reputation as people of little worth.. Truth be told, those who slander, those who kill, those who create a feeling of terror in innocent lives are the ones of little worth.. Under protection of weapons and a large group of supporters, the Ku Klux Klan continues. Vulgar people they are, discriminating against their own species. Woeful people make a difference, washing the film away that distinguishes blacks from whites. Xenophobes tore up the homes of many coloured people, to terrorize them, and put them “in their place” Years of conflict between the men in white cloaks, and those opposing them, has somewhat diminished this group... Zoos are not where blacks belong; they belong in a world of equality.

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