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Fudge's Job: The Machine

October 28, 2017


In the darkest depths of the Ohana Group's lab, we went to the machine. It's called the "Machine of Alternate Realites" or MAR. They put an actual colander in my head, which had a wire connected to a wall. They did some "Science Stuff" (Copyright 2018), and flipped a lever.

"Okay," Cheif Scientist Norman said,"You should know that, Multiversals all have the same personality, so you will be the same person."

"Are there any other Multiversals I should be aware of?" I said.

"Donald Trump is one," Norman said.

"Of course he is..." I sighed.

"Well, see you, hope you don't die," Norman said.

He then pressed a button, and I everything was dark. Then there was a flash of colors.

I was now in a alternate reality.



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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Are you kidding me? Trump?!
    (Great work, by the way.)

    over 2 years ago