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Just a wandering INFP who finds solace in the silence and expresses her voice on paper in a world filled with paper-thin voices.
Be bright, be beautiful, and most of all, be YOU! You were sculpted by the sculptor of the stars; glow, you miracle you!

Message to Readers

Please tell me anything that you see that might need fixing. I've always struggles with writing rhyming poems that flow correctly, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Tell me what you think! :3

Last Day Musings

October 28, 2017

On the Last day of the World,
​When History thus unfurled,
​Would I regret all I'd never be,
​All the Things I'd never see.

Would I walk to my quiet place,
​Quiet grief trickling down my face,
​Would I grieve Things that never were,
​Or happily remember, Things that did occur.

​Would I live that day,
​Recklessly and wild,
And do Things that would have,
​Once left myself beguiled.

Thinking of these thoughts,
​I think of what I'd ought,
To do on the Last day of the World,
​And what I'd ought to not.

Instead of filled with sorrow,
That there would be no tomorrow,
​I'd want to live the day worthwhile,
​And go down with a smile.


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1 Comment
  • rainandsonder

    This is a really good poem and it flows nicely. The only stanza that seems a bit off is the second one. Maybe you could change 'things that did occur' to 'things that occurred'. It would flow more nicely and I think it would still rhyme. That's just a suggestion, though. Great work!

    almost 3 years ago