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"Just a wizard girl, living in a muggle world. Took the Hogwarts train going anywhere"

Each and Every Word

September 23, 2015

Carlina is that girl who never uses conjunctions because she believes each word deserves to be spoken.

Reese is that person who would watch a movie he hates with you and let you fall asleep on him, especially after you just screamed at him.

Malva, when she was younger, shot her grandmother's cat with an arrow and giggled.

Everett could tell whether or not you were actually feeling "okay" or if you were lying.



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1 Comment
  • lexikay

    Oh my gosh, those sentence descriptions are so good. The one about the girl and the cat reminds me of a scary movie, while Reese is the perfect boyfriend. Awesome job!

    over 3 years ago