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You Can

By: AcetheticallyPleasing

"You can't eat that; you'll spoil your appetite."
"You can't skip dinner; you'll starve."
"You can't watch this; you wouldn't understand."
"You can't leave until you watch this; you need to."
"You can't join the team; you're a girl."
"You can't wear makeup; you're a boy."
"You can't wear that; no one wears that."
"You can't use that; I'm using that."
΅You can't listen to that; that's emo."
"You can't listen to that; that's so mainstream."
"You can't blend in; you're too 'you'."
"You can't stand out; you're unnoticed."
"You can't be homosexual; it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."
"You can't be straight; it means you're homophobic."
"You can't be depressed; you're just asking for attention."
"You can't be happy all the time; no one's that happy."
"You can't act like anyone; just be you!"
"You can't be yourself; that's not what people really want."
You ate it, and it was delicious. You skipped, and you weren't hungry. 
You watched it, and you honestly didn't need to.
You joined the team, and you wore makeup during the game.
You wore that, and everyone copied.
You used that, and no one cared.
You listened to it, and you liked what you heard.
You blend in and you stand out.
Your sexuality is yours.
You're sad oftentimes, but that doesn't stop you from smiling when you know you can.
You're yourself, and you're perfect.

Because you can, and you will.

Message to Readers

I beg your pardon if my speech give the shadow of offence <3

Peer Review

It makes it motivational. It would be easy for it to sound selfish in the first person (I wouldn't read that way, but it might come across that way to others.)

Everything. It's perfect. It's what happens every day, and it drives me insane, and I could read about it forever because wow. Someone else understands it. I needed this piece, and I can't wait to read more of your writing.

Reviewer Comments

Your username and picture are honestly beautiful.