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I'm Kristina and I'm a high school student in Australia with a passion for writing. I also make films on YouTube: Nina Marjanac Dream Away Productions. Thank you for looking at my stories.

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The Gateway To The Other Side - By Kristina Marjanac

June 26, 2014

Angus was a very peculiar boy, and he lived an utterly normal life in England, there was something rather abnormal about this young eight year old boy. Besides the fact he wore socks that did not match, studying him closer you notice something. Carefully watch his nose crinkle and his eyes twitch and dart. ‘’Definitely an abnormal child!’’ dramatized Mrs. Krampetberry, the town’s local gossip. Every lady, whom admired Mrs. Krampetberry’s bewildering knowledge, oohed and ahhed at her information. Facinorous and gregarious, that woman was really, Angus would think to himself. Gracious he was though for having no one else questioned his odd behaviour. However if Mrs. Krampetberry continued to preach of him, Angus surely would have real problems. ‘’Interesting...’’ Angus said to himself, he stood within an alley way and was looking at something limp and lifeless that lay under a dirty and worn blanket. Judiciously, Angus moved toward the obscure shape.
‘’Kooky kid,’’ a rusty voice echoed from behind Angus who jumped around clutching his heart. ‘’Looks like I gave ya a bit of a fright, aye?’’ Morbid was the scene when Angus’s eyes found the ghastly blood covered and deformed man. Never had Angus seen one this bad before; the man’s arms and legs bent in unnatural directions, deep cuts covered his chest area and his left eye hung from its socket. ‘’Outstanding, you can see me.’’ the man muttered, hobbling closer to Angus who swallowed in slight fear. ‘’Patience,’’ Angus held up a hand and stopped the man in his tracks ‘’There is only so much I can handle.’’ ‘’Quick with it then,’’ the man mumbled with a growl. Rationally Angus thought out the situation before him. Situation wise, he had been in one like this before, and all Angus could remember was how painful it was. Thrilling was Angus’s gift; yet it had its downsides, the pain. Unfazed the man was by Angus’s hidden fear of the pain, after all a deceased ghoul was to past through his chest. Vigorousness had left Angus completely when it came to the looks of this man’s cruel suffering, a vicious murder by the looks of it. Why could there be no peace in the world, why was this man here now, looking over sadly at his body past Angus’s shoulder? Xenophobic Angus was at first of the ghouls who visited him to pass to the other side, yet now he greeted them as if they were old friends. Yet he still cursed at the pain that electrified through his body as they crossed to the other side, for their pain was his pain. Zesty Angus suddenly became when he decided to man-up and take the pain, giving a short nod to the ghoul letting him know he was ready for him....


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