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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

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Always, always always remember to see both sides of the story and you might just fill another book.


October 24, 2017


By: Bree

Why will fate not distract me?
Is it so important to keep me in this pendulum?
Swinging aimlessly between love and misery
Forgetting what side of it I had come from.

Please, prove to me, romance, you are not idle fixtures
And grant me freedom, for that is the only way your reputation will remain in tact.
Why do you taunt me with these romantic's pictures?
I thought that after all these failed crushes you and I had made a pact.

Now you have done the unthinkable to me.
Leaving me gasping for air from your embrace.
Let me go, set me free!
I will not let you take me entirely from my place.

Enough with you.
I'm leaving and will ignore you from my life for a while.
Your promises are too empty and too few
I'm too far gone to reconcile.


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  • RedWriter

    Good for you I guess.

    about 2 years ago
  • analise

    this made me feel a little better about my own love life

    about 2 years ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄


    about 2 years ago
  • RedWriter

    Thank you. And thank you Kaitlyn for answering :)

    about 2 years ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    This is so good. Hey Lee, Bree is her real name. Again so so so amazing.

    about 2 years ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Who is Bree?

    about 2 years ago