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The Absolutely True Memoirs of Stephen Magoo ( With Help Frim Lee Fudge) Chapter Two

October 24, 2017


Foreword by Victor Von Fudge (Lee Fudge's Great- Great Grandfather)

When I learned then my Great-Great Grandson was helping Stephen freakin' Magoo write his freakin' memior, I had wished the nurse hadn't just given me my laudanum. I may be a 164 year old German, but I did not move to this god forsaken continent just for my relative to write a memoir for a dang WAR CRIMINAL/ DICTATOR OF POLAND. I mean POLAND!? Freakin' POLAND?! 

Anyway, I was asked to do the foreword for this by Charles, and the conversation was basically...

Fudge: Hey Grandpa, can you do me a favor.

Me: I am a 164 year old German, the heck do you want me to do?

And so I am here writing a foreword to a memior for a war criminal/ dictator of Poland, but what does one write for a memior like a person like that? I can do it in one sentence.

In terms of ruining your country, blitzkrieg did it better.

- Victor Wilhelm Gunter Von Weber-Fudge.


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