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I am a trying Junior writer who aspires to be an author when I get older, and I want to share my happiness, as well as my sadness, my works, and my dreams with the world. I joined this website to start to get my ideas out in the world.

Message to Readers

Say whatever you want! Comment lyrics, voice opinions, or do whatever! This was just for fun.

50 of my favorite songs

October 25, 2017


1. Don't threaten me with a good time -Panic! at the Disco
2. My Nightmare -Get Scared
3. Chasing the Sun -The Wanted
4. When Can I See You Again -Owl City
5. This Little Girl -Cady Groves
6. I Like It Loud -Cash Cash
7. The Phoenix -Fall Out Boy
8. Courtesy Call -Thousand Foot Krutch
9. Fly on the Wall -Thousand Foot Krutch
10. Thnks fr th Mmrs -Fall Out Boy
11. Uma Thurman -Fall Out boy
12.  Novacaine -Fall Out Boy
13. Shatter Me -Lindsey Stirling
14. Another Way Out -Hollywood Undead
15. Painkiller -Three Days Grace
16. Pain -Three Days Grace
17. I Hate Everything About You -Three Days Grace
18. Dollhouse -Melanie Martinez
19. Pit of Vipers -Simon Curtis
20. Pretty Little Psycho -Porcelain Black
21. Sarcasm -Get Scared
22. Don't You Dare Forget the Sun -Get Scared
23. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing -Set it Off
24.  Partners in Crime -Set it off
25. Headphones -Britt Nicole
26. Little Do You Know -Alex and Sierra
27. Paralyzer -Finger Eleven
28. Game Over -Falling in Reverse
29. Fallen Angel -Black Veil Brides
30. Seven Nation Army -The White Stripes
31. Awake and Alive -Skillet
32. Hero -Skillet
33. Angel with a Shotgun -The Cab
34. Under the Bridge -Red Hot Chili Peppers
35. My Demons -Starset
36. Die for you -Starset
37. Na Na Na -My Chemical Romance
38. Teenagers -My Chemical Romance
39. Blood -My Chemical Romance
40. Vanilla Twilight -Owl City
41. Alphabet Boy -Melanie Martinez
42. Mz. Hyde -Halestorm
43. Pity Party -Melanie Martinez
44. Soap -Melanie Martinez
45. Numb -Linkin Park
46. Pacify Her -Melanie Martinez
47. Paradise -Coldplay
48. Freak Show -Skillet
49. Harder Better Faster Stronger -Daft Punk
50. Time of Your Lives -Green Day


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  • r|A|i|N

    also love fob, na na na, dollhouse & don't threaten me with a good time

    12 months ago
  • Gray_1604

    I really appreciate your taste in music!!!

    12 months ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    F.O.B :)

    over 2 years ago