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Why I Write

By: Courtland Brookings

PROMPT: Why I Write

  Why I write
I write because i express how i feel through.In writing you persuade,inform,and entertain people.I would like the reader to see who I am.When i was younger i used to write letters to my family who lived a couple hours away.In that letter I always expressed how much I missed them.So writing is an everyday thing.Its how people communicate with each people.Such as texting is everyday thing of my life.I mostly communicate with people through texting and commenting on social media.Basically everyday people are writing either electronically or on paper.If it wasn't for writing I wouldn't passing any of my classes.For people who say they don't write,they are not succeeding in life because writing is a major importance of our lives.As we write tend to get creative.Also writing is useful tool for analytical thinking.Life can be boring without the use of writing.I write because I stay mentally focused and I can clear my mind.It allows me to cancel out all surroundings and just do into a realm of thinking and tranquility.Writing gives me a voice of my own if I ever felt like I didn't have one.

Peer Review

'When I was younger I used to write letters to my family'. This is particuarly nice because it's personal and creates an empathetic connection to the reader.

Early on, when the reason of expressing your feelings is mentioned because ultimately we write to communicate, do we not? Even if just with our future selves.

Reviewer Comments

I would be very curious to learn more about your background so I could understand your writing style better. This is a good start for an answer and it was interesting to read. What I find incredibly frustrating is that you have a good skeleton here but with so many mistakes in the body - the syntax for example. Reread your work and reread it again. Words have been skipped and your grammar needs work. Always leave a space after commas and full stops. Capitalise I's. Think about better words to replace ones that don't seem to flow so well. Overall tgis is a good start. You made some nice and insightful points. It would have been great uf you could have clarified a few of them to create better flow. Well done though and never stop writing :)