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October 24, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

When the Earth is hungry, she'll complain a little. Like a bus driver who's been working from six in the morning to three in the afternoon, ferrying passengers to and from the city, her stomach will give a small protest. A gurgle, then it grows into a rumble, then a complaint. She'll wait for someone to answer her, feed her water, feed her kindness and love, but will it happen? Probably not, she knows, because when her creations are hungry, she gives them food and water and shade to enjoy their meals, but when she's in want, who provides for her?
When the Earth is hungry, sometimes she'll get angry. Like a pregnant woman who's been craving ice-cream and instant noodles, while carrying a heavy baby inside of her, her moods will go up and down like a pendulum. She'll smash her fist and complain some more, in a louder tone, but no one will make her instant noodles, even though, as advertised, it only takes five minutes. Then she gets thirsty, but she can only sit and wait for the water that probably will not arrive. Her face creases and cracks under the strain, and the rumbles of her hunger morph into grumbles and groans of anger. Who will placate her, who will soothe her stresses?
When the Earth is hungry, and she gets angry, occasionally she gets upset — very upset. Like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum for hours on end, yearning for basic things like a little more attention, the waterworks will begin. Tears will gush down her face, out of the fissures that form on her face, formed from being forgotten and forsaken by her own creations. She will cry out, outraged and disappointed, until columns of water, pent-up emotion, burst forth. The geysers are hot, hot with her boiling blood. She will frown, the planes of her face crashing into one another with the contortion. They crash over one another, waves of agony, until she loses all composure and heaves with hunger for love, feeling angry and hurt. Who will love her?
When she shakes, all her creations do too. They stomp and curse and ask why why why, Mother, what have I done to deserve this and yell no no no, see what you've done? And the Earth only shakes her head some more, and says in return, you've done nothing, so I've done something.
i know that earthquakes aren't actually caused this way! let me express my Creative License :-)


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