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The Destinies of the Fate

October 23, 2017


The Moira’s Bookstore of Forgotten Memories is a small, windowless, wooden building so full of bookshelves that one can hardly squeeze into the aisles. Books are crammed into stacks in no particular order onto every surface, including the floor. A thick layer of dust covers everything, and the room is lit by various sources, from electric lights to candles to oil lamps. A piece of knight’s armor, a jade Chinese dragon, an ancient stone hammer, and several other objects from various periods of time lay scattered about the room.
Shoved into the corner nearest the door is a desk, at which MOIRA sits and writes with a pen and inkwell. MOIRA is a little old lady, wrinkled and hunched and gray. She seems to have lived a longer and fuller life than most.
Suddenly, the door opens with the ringing of a bell and SAMMY, an introverted and soft-spoken girl of seventeen, wearing two braids, enters.
SAMMY (Looks around and tentatively calls out) Hello?
MOIRA (Leaves her desk with surprising quickness and shuffles around SAMMY, inspecting her and mumbling to herself – her voice as ancient and gravelly as stone) Hmm… What do we have here? A girl, yes, I know. I can see that! (A pause) Sammy, is it? But what is she looking for, exactly? (She stops and faces the girl expectantly) Well?
SAMMY (Confused) I, umm, I don’t really… Oh! (Gasps as MOIRA grabs her face and studies it from different angles)
MOIRA Tell me, girl. What is it you are looking for?
SAMMY Well… I-I came in because I’ve never seen your store before, (Eyebrows draw together) even though I’ve walked down this street thousands of times. I thought – at first –  it might be new, but… it isn’t… is it? (MOIRA lets go of her face, cackling)
MOIRA No, girl, you are correct! (Looking around at the store) This old place has been around for eons, though it might never have been here before.
SAMMY Oh. (Still obviously confused) Well-uh… Are you M-Mo–
MOIRA (Interrupts) Moira? Yes, but that’s beside the point. (Flings hands in an impatient gesture) Now, you still haven’t answered my question. (Leans in very close to SAMMY’s face) What are you looking for?
SAMMY (Leans away, slightly intimidated) I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t understand. I'm not exactly looking for anything.
MOIRA (Now fully exasperated, she grabs the girl’s hand) Oh, come now! You must have come looking for somethi- (She breaks off mid-sentence in realization and visibly softens, her voice turning gentle and honey-sweet) Ah… Oh, I see, now. I see. (She pats SAMMY’s hand and nods knowingly) Well, you’ll get that soon enough. In fact, if I’m not wrong – and I’m never wrong – it should be coming just about–
The ringing of a bell interrupts MOIRA, and in walks KAMERON, a lanky, blonde, bespectacled boy of seventeen. He walks awkwardly inside but stops when he sees MOIRA and SAMMY.
MOIRA Now. (Speedily shuffles over to KAMERON and circles him as she did SAMMY earlier, muttering to herself) Oh, yes… Kameron? … Yes, I agree. Perfect!
KAMERON (Nervously takes a step away from MOIRA) Er… pardon?
MOIRA (Looks at him affectionately) Oh, and polite, too! How sweet! Here, boy, I want you to meet someone. (Gleefully takes his hand and pulls him over to SAMMY)
SAMMY (Shyly and hesitantly, with a small wave) Hi, I’m Sammy.
KAMERON (Looks at her interestedly and stretches out a hand) Hi, I’m Kameron.
SAMMY (Shakes his hand with a small smile) Nice to meet you.
MOIRA (Looking back and forth between the two thoughtfully) Look at that smile! (SAMMY blushes at this) Yes, yes! He is looking for the same thing! He will do splendidly!
KAMERON (Shifts gaze from SAMMY to MORIA) Ma’am? What do you mean I’ll do?
MOIRA (Grins slyly and clucks tongue) Tut-tut. Can’t have you knowing before it’s time, can we? You’ll just have to wait and see! (KAMERON begins to protest, but SAMMY interrupts)
SAMMY (Softly) You won’t get anything out of her. Trust me, I know.
KAMERON Figures, I guess. (Turns around, taking in the store and talking to SAMMY) Do you come here often?
SAMMY (Copies KAMERON, really taking in the store for the first time) Well… no. I only came in a bit before you, actually.
KAMERON Ah, okay. (Turns back to SAMMY and smiles, fidgeting with a button on his coat)
SAMMY (Sees him smiling at her and ducks her head, blushing) What?
KAMERON (Quickly looks away) Nothing. (Hurriedly changes the subject by picking up a dusty book) Oh, Mrs. Moira, can we buy any of these books?
MOIRA (Making her way back to her desk) Yes, but you are free of charge.
Both KAMERON and SAMMY thank her with surprise and begin browsing the shelves. MOIRA happily sits at the desk and continues writing with the pen and inkwell. After about five minutes, KAMERON and SAMMY are heard disagreeing over something.
MOIRA (Gets up and shuffles over to them) Now, now. No need for quarreling! What’s wrong?
KAMERON is holding a thick, ancient looking book. They look embarrassed at having been caught arguing.
KAMERON (Coyly) We, umm, want the same book, so I said she could just have it. Then she refused and–
SAMMY I said he could have it. But, he won’t take it and, well–
KAMERON She won’t take it.
They look at MOIRA helplessly.
MOIRA (With laughing eyes) Well, it is good that you both want the same book. I was only going to allow you to take one, anyway.
SAMMY (Caught off guard) You mean one each, right?
MOIRA (With a shrewd smile) No, you must only take one that you both agree upon together.
SAMMY and KAMERON (With raised eyebrows at MOIRA) Together?
MOIRA (With a nod) Yes.
SAMMY and KAMERON glance at each other bashfully. MOIRA laughs at their expressions.
MOIRA And it looks like you’ve chosen the book already! Let me see. (KAMERON hands her the book) Hmm… The Destinies of the Fate. An interesting choice. You will enjoy it!
KAMERON (A contemplative look on his face) I guess you can read it first, Sammy.
SAMMY (Shyly) Oh, thanks, but-uh… I think you should read it first.
KAMERON (Firmly) I’m not doing this again. Just take it. (Tries handing it to her)
MOIRA (Interrupts) How about you meet up and read it together?
Silence for a moment.
MOIRA (With finality) Yes, that’ll do. You’ll meet up somewhere and read it together! (She begins to shoo them towards the door, while KAMERON and SAMMY protest) Now go on, you two.
KAMERON (Stuttering) M-Mrs. Moira! We never thanked you!
MOIRA Oh, giving you what you were looking for is all the thanks I need!
SAMMY B-but Mrs. Moira. I don’t know what I was looking for. Was I looking for the book?
MOIRA (Shaking her head) No, no, girl. You both were looking for something far more important than a book. (Finally gets them out the door) In time you will understand.
SAMMY and KAMERON protest, but quiet when they see the affectionate and tender look MOIRA gives them.
MOIRA (In a soft, motherly way) You will understand. (She shuts the door)
MOIRA (With a reminiscent smile, as she shuffles back to her desk, she continues to talk, though nobody is there to listen) You will understand… that you were both looking for love.
I originally wrote this for a school assignment. It had to be in play form, so I wrote this scene. I've edited and changed it a bit since then, and, well... Now it's published!
I really like Sammy - I think of her as a cute, socially awkward, bookworm of a girl that doesn't really know how to interact with boys because she rarely does so. And then Kameron - I think he's also a bookworm who's just super smart. He was raised to be polite and respect girls and women, and I think he's sort of flustered and trying not to be too awkward when talking to girls his age. I'm actually surprised that I care this much about these characters XD Oh! You should look up the meaning of the name Moira, it might help explain her character (Sorry for asking you to do a little research, but it adds a sense of mystery, I guess :)
Should I expand on this story line (I've got a bit of an idea for a plot) or just leave it as it is? Tell me what you think!


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