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I`m in high school, and spend too much time writing and obsessing over Harry Potter for the good of my grades.

Allison and Rachel

October 6, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

    Allison looked down at me. She used her big-girl voice, just to show me how much older and more experienced then me she was. Three years and two months wasn`t that much, I wanted to tell her. "No, Rachel. Your doing it all wrong."
    "Am not. See, Ally?" I help up my knot-filled bracelet. Allison sighed in her big-girl way again.
    "Rachel. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel." Allison liked showing me how older then me she was, by acting like I was two. "I`m seven and a quarter!" I wanted to scream. And Allison was only 10 and a half. I looked down at my bracelet again. It was a little knotty. I guess.
    "Help me?" 
     "Of course." Allison sighed again, but this time it was in her sister way, not her big-girl way.


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