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Your Best Friend: Chapter One

May 12, 2018


“Good lord, it's dark here!” Jeffery said.

Luckily, and quite strangely, he had a flare gun in his back pocket. He fired in front of him.

The flare light up the area directly in front of him, which was just a forest. He also saw a sign. 

The sign said, "Hey PAL, let’s meet up!"

Jeffery turned around and shot a flare in that direction. It was just field. A note was on the ground, Jeffery picked it up.

The note said,"Hey sweetie! I put your lunch in your bag! - Mom" 

Jeffery looked in his bag and saw, indeed his lunch box in there. He opened it, and saw there were COOKIES! 

He eat them all, they were nice.

Jeffery remembered why he was here in the first place, and decided to go into the forest.



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