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A true story that had happened a while back. While I know something like this might be my feelings, I'd like to know other ways I can convey them to show others what goes on in my head.


October 24, 2017

Here and now. San Jose, California. Visiting her family, she'd finally gained enough courage to ask.
She sat in a spinning chair, uncomfortably looking down at the plastic cube in her hand designed to calm her. It wasn't doing a very good job.
"What's that?" Her cousin asked. She blinked in curiosity at the tiny grey block.
"Anika, step back," she smiled. "It's just something to let me fidget."
Her mum looked at her strangely. "How is that?"
She blinked, and she squeezed the cube tightly. "There are different mechanisms on it to occupy me. This divot here is meant for me to rub my thumb on it- supposed to calm me down if I get nervous."
"That's not true. It's just a toy. Besides, what do you have to be nervous about?"
Her mind flashed. She bit her lip and squeezed the cube tighter before her mum took it and examined it. She looked down. Her mind began to buzz in worry. Her hands twitched in need for something to hold. With or without her comfort, she realized she'd have to ask now before her fear overrode her and stopped her from doing so.
By then everyone had left her alone. Continued with their lives in an instant. Her mum glanced at her, rolling the cube back into the anxious girl's hands where she clutched it passionately. She hesitated again, then took a breath. With eyes swirling in hope for some understanding, she asked the question that burned into her soul like a branding iron. "Can I please- when we get back home- can I please get a new therapist? There's a place where they can help me for free!"
This seemed to set her mum off. She cowered in her chair as her mum sighed and shot a glare at her. Time seemed to slow, everything moving frame by frame while her mum stood up straight in normal time.
Her eyes widened, welled up with impulsive tears. She asked a quick clarifying question, hoping she'd just heard her mum wrong.
"No. For once could you please stop acting like there's something wrong with you, and leave the professionals to the people with the real problems?" 
And that was it. 
She nodded.
She apologized.
She left to her room.
Her mind echoed a song of five words.
Never ask for help again.


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  • ChurroChubby

    It's a bird, it's a plane, no! IT'S A TOY

    almost 3 years ago
  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    I actually haven't read the book nor have I seen the play. You're the first to mention it to me. But it's associated with Shakespeare so I might give it a look!

    about 3 years ago
  • RedWriter

    I saw that you like Hamilton? I do too! Do you like Othello?

    about 3 years ago
  • RedWriter

    Wow. You really know how to hook people even when confined in a prompt.

    about 3 years ago