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God's Breath

October 23, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

Huge metal beetles crawled slowly across a fog drenched road. With the mist came a near-silence in which only the whispered sounds of a communal engine hum and the connected heartbeats of each witness could just about be heard. The fog was the breath of God on a cold winter's morning.

A bird landed on the bonnet of a car unafraid in the peace brought by the unknown. It stood for a few moments shifting it's feet a few times and peering around trying to make out it's environment. The moment stretched out carelessly while the car engine continued to hum patiently.  The bird nodded lazily at the equally relaxed driver, before stretching it's glorious wings and taking flight.

Almost exactly as this happened, the sky opened as the world inhaled and the fog lifted gently off the road as the engines once again began to seem louder.


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