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Malyun Ali

United States

The Home

October 6, 2015

PROMPT: Dear Tree

Dear Tree,
  I cannot remember you as much as I thought I would. I can no longer remember if your branches are as big as I still believe them to be, and I cannot remember whether you still have that place at your base which was perfect for me to sit in, whether you've made my place in your arms grow bigger over time to the way I am today,the way you think I would be today, and not the child I was. Are you still waiting for me? I've gotten older and time has past but even though I cannot remember you completely, I remember that you were my best friend; I wrote poems about how beutiful you were, mind and soul. I remember the stories that we shared, you've inspired them all. Believe it or not you saved me from this world by welcoming me and letting me sit in your arms when I had no friends and let me sit there and read. Now that I have become bigger, older, and stronger I would love to come and see you, but you are on the grounds of an elementary school that I am no longer the child of. You were mine when I was there and I am still yours today, will always be. You must go on being the one that saves children, the one that keeps them, holds them and sends them away into the world. That is your world. Thank you for being my home

                                                                                    From the child who must create her new world
                                                                                                            Malyun Alii

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